• “Really enjoyed participating. Thought provoking and creative conversations!”
    Khobi BROOKLYNCONVERSEVice President, Communication

  • “A great and inspiring time! Many new opportunities and relationships to pursue!”
    Jesse MCMILLINLYFTVice President Creative Director

  • “Great show. Innovative thinkers. Really enjoyed "connecting" with so many talented people.”
    Vida CORNELIOUSDISNEYGroup Creative Director

  • “LE BOOK continues to be a must attend event for the creative community. Such a creative group of participants and contributors, the networking and inspiring dialogue can't be beat. My one wish is that i have an opportunity to harness all the opportunities present. Most of my more promising projects come from connecting at LE BOOK. And this year is on track to be the same!”
    Scott WITTAPPLECreative Director

  • “LE BOOK is an amazing experience to learn about creative innovation, artists, and talent globally all in one place.”
    Jina SONGKENDO BEAUTY GROUPGlobal Creative Director

  • “Saw some amazing work! A very useful snapshot of the very best in the creative industry!”
    Melissa HUGHESOLD NAVYVice President of Creative

  • “A great event as always! Loved seeing the influx of digital and new-media from the participants. It's very inspiring and interestingly relevant to my clients work. Great to see a lot of old friends in the process, and make some new ones along the way.”
    Chris GRAVESTEAM ONEChief Creative Officer

  • “Always a wonderful way to spend the day. One of my favorite events of the year. I'm guaranteed to meet interesting, creative people.”
    Mark SCHEIDERAMAZONGroup Creative Director

  • “Always love this event! So well curated with such diverse global, aesthetic and technical offerings. I feel as though there's always something to get excited about. Looking forward to next year!”
    Chris DONOVANE! ESQUIRESVP, Marketing

  • “CONNECTIONS is the perfect way to connect and feel inspired!”
    Samuel CLARKEMICROSOFTBrand Director

  • “Cool. Quite a few groundbreaking things. Buckle up, technology.”
    Vlad PISARIKPARAMOUNT PICTURESGlobal Creative Director

  • “Great event - met some creative people. Wish I had more time to meet and see everybody.”
    Laura PIZZARELLIWOMEN WALKS THE EDGE / GAPChief Creative Officer

  • “Great show! Very commercially viable & relevant displays of talent. Interesting content & inspiring”
    Megan FLETCHERBENEFIT COSMETICSGlobal Creative Director

  • “Thank you for doing what you do, LE BOOK.. it truly is a service to our industry!”
    Lauren ABRAMSAMAZONHead of Marketing Ops & Production

  • “Thank you so much for inviting me to this awesome event - so inspiring to see all this great works. Really excited to have met all these talented people & hopefully work together on some cool & beautiful stuff. What a great way to CONNECT! Thank you!”
    Mari FENNICHEDIAMOND FOUNDRYVice President, Marketing

  • “This show continues to be a major touchpoint for me. I reconnect with colleagues, I get inspired to do better work & overall I walk away feeling that the creative industry gets better, each & every year. This show is the only way to keep on top of the best talent. A major key in my success as a CD is maintaining relationships in the creatuve community & Le Book makes that easy.”
    Diana MACIELLUCKY BRAND JEANSCreative Director

  • “An excellent variety of talent. Met a lot of new people / new contacts. Great event congrats!”
    Andy SALZERHIRO CLARKCreative Director

  • “An intimate setting and a great place to really spend quality. LE BOOK goes above beyond to ensure an inspiring event.”
    Suzanne DONALDSONNIKESr. Production Director

  • “Bravo LE BOOK, you did it again! What a wonderful event full of great talent. Thank you for keeping us curious to learn about new creatives and what they do best.”
    Diego CHAMORROJUSTFAB INC.Vice President, Creative Director

  • “Coming into today's event feeling a bit uninspired and leaving feeling quite the opposite. It was invigorating to see such a compelling mix of creative expression.”
    Garrett JONES72ANDSUNNYCreative Director

  • “CONNECTIONS was a great experience and I would love to participate again! I got to meet contacts and companies that I never had the chance to meet in person. Over all very successful - thank you for letting me be a part of it!”
    Arpi AGDEREVANSArt Producer

  • “Found it to be both inspiring and productive, as i reconnected with old partners and discovered many new potential ones. It's always nice to be around such a passionate arrey of content.”

  • “Great experience allowing for some great discoveries and conversations! Would love to do it again!”
    Sarah FLOODSEPHORASenior Art Director

  • “Great experience overall!”
    Bridget HARRISAIRBNBPhoto Director

  • “Had a great time and saw amazing work! Hope to have even more time next year...”
    Zaid AL-ASADYDEUTSCH LASVP, Creative Director

  • “Holy smokes, that was great!”
    Dan RUTHOMELETChief Production Officer

  • “I found inspiration around every corner. Thanks for allowing me to meet so many new conpanies & people from all over the world.”

  • “I've been to many CONNECTIONS and this was the best one yet! Between judging, listening to speaker insight, and seeing a mix of categories including experiential, vr/ar, print, digital and more - I thporoughly enjoyed CONNECTIONS.. Thank you!”
    Marni BEARDSLEYWIEDEN + KENNEDYDir. of Art Production

  • “LE BOOK as always, was a hive of creative activity. It was a pleasure to mingle with the brightest companies across different disciplines. Finding great new talent is never easy and LE BOOK makes it a one stop shop.”
    Tom CROPPERFX NETWORKSCreative Director

  • “Love the oppotunity to connect with the creative community in San Francisco and LA. Different vibes and audiences - a wide range of exposure of great creative minds, inspiring work and talented people. Thanks for bringing CONNECTIONS to the West Coast!”
    Sally KIMNETFLIXSr. Creative Lead

  • “So inspiring to have the opportunity to experience so much creative talent in one place at one time, while catching up with such wonderful people.”
    Anastacia MAGGIONCALDALINKEDINHead of Production

  • “So useful for me to attend. Many talented artists to collaborate with - spot on with all the image and marketing needs of the brand.”
    Sabina WEBERAMERICAN APPARELVice President, Marketing

  • “So wonderful to take a moment and focus solely on creative possibilities. Beautifully curated event.”

  • “Super informative! Thanks for a great day!”
    Izzy BERENSONNORTH FACECreative Director, Digital

  • “Super useful event. My 2nd year in a row. Can't wait for next year!”
    Christine ARTHURWELLS FARGOVice President, Marketing

  • “The show was an inspiring glimpse into a realm of creative talent that is great to experience in person. Web links do not do this justice.”
    Elizabeth KIEHNERIBMGlobal Design Director

  • “There was so much great work to look at. Such a productive way to spend the day!”
    Robert BIRNBACHORACLEPhotography Director

  • “This year's event was a pleasure to attend. I left connected and inspired.”
    Ryan COCHRANSPEEDO USACreative Director

  • “CONNECTIONS continues to be more relevant every year. As creative and everything merge in the visual world, our business needs this event more than ever before. Thank you LE BOOK!”
    Miranda KENDRICKKENDRICK ANDProduction Director

  • “CONNECTIONS is invaluable for helping me set creative strategy in my role. Thank you for putting this together, such a thoughtful, high quality batch of talent”
    Emily MEINHARDTGOOGLEDesign Producer

  • “CONNECTIONS was great. Nice to see everyone in such a creative and producitive manner, while having real conversations!”
    Emily GRIFFITHNIKEDir. Creative Production

  • “Fun event. Nice to have all the reps and content creators in one place.”
    Lee FENYVESCLOROXAssociate Creative Director, Digital

  • “Great event for creatives. The speakers were very releveant & inspiring. It's great to meet production companies & reps as you can really get a feeling of shared vision & style. LA needs more CONNECTIONS!”
    Renato BRAGASAATCHI & SAATCHICreative Director

  • “I have found incredible amount of inspiration during the show. I was amazed by the variety of mediums of work ranging from fine art and technology. On, I have made more connections in one afternoon than in 6 months. Not too bad.”
    Sinan DAGLIBUTLER, SHINE, STERN & PARTNERSAssoc. Creative Director

  • “I really enjoyed CONNECTIONS - a great and very engaging concept. Look forward to participating next year!”
    Mark CAROLANSAATCHI & SAATCHICreative Director

  • “LE BOOK is awesome! I got to meet so many valuable contacts in one day. Time well spent!”
    Alice CHENMICROSOFTBrand Producer

  • “LOVE CONNECTIONS - such a diverse array of talent. It's super inspiring to see such diversity in creativity and craft across media and technology around the world.”
    Alastair COTTERILLPINTERESTHead of Studio

  • “Love it each time. Attended both SF + LA - and look forward to visiting the next ones! Thanks LE BOOK!”
    David BORNOFFPANDORA MEDIA. INC.Creative Director

  • “Love the event! A unique way for creatives to get together and be face-to-face for a city wide networking event.”
    Tara RICENYXDesign Director

  • “Loved the attention to high quality creative ground breaking new work. The event has evolved from only the best photography talent out there to that plus new work that will most definitely inspire my next big campaign.”
    Josh ROSEWEBER SHANDWICKChief Creative OFficer

  • “Magnifique!”
    Moses KELANYPEREIRA & O'DELLAssoc. Design Director

  • “Once again, it was all smart people, great work, tech & thought provoking content. Looking forward to next year!”

  • “Such a great overview of fantastic work - amazing ideas for future collaboration.”
    Megan NEWELLLYFTArt Director

  • “The event was incredible. Great collection of artists. Amazing venue. Thank you for including me.”
    Michele LASSMANAKQAGroup Creative Director

  • “This show was terrific. Fun+interactive!”

  • “This was my second year at CONNECTIONS, and after last year, I knew I wanted to come back. The opportunity to see such creative work in such a condensed amount of time is extreamely inspiring.”
    Jim PASCOETHE REFINERYSVP, Creative Director

  • “What an incredible show! Such a fantastic experience to meet all the people who I've been corresponding with for so long. Putting a face to a name. There's no better way to connect. Hope to use some of these connections for future projects.”

  • “A great show, great work and inspiring creatives.”

  • “An opportunity to mix with some of the BEST content creators in the world...yes please. Informal and informative. Made new and very valuable connections. Ready for 2018 with my new list of content makers.”
    James WILKINSONPOP AGENCYChief Creative Officer

  • “As always, a great event with information and provocative work.”
    Mike FRANKDEUTSCH LASVP, Creative Director

  • “Awesome work and curation!!”
    Jeff ZIMMRR PARTNERSDesign Director

  • “Event was really wonderful. I got to see a lot of great work and meet a lot of great people. Thanks for the coffee and snacks. This was great!”
    Marc JUONSONY PICTURESAssoc. Creative Director

  • “Everyone is here! No one ever comes to SF, so YAY!!!”
    Anna ALEXANDERWIREDDirector of Photography

  • “Fantastic event with excellent makers from around the globe. This was a great way to meet new & exciting creative partners!”
    Emily KWONGIMAXCreative, Global Marketing

  • “Fun day catching up with old acquintances and seeing new work. Impressed with all the new technology as well!”
    Jan-Willem DIKKERSISSUECreative Director

  • “I love coming to CONNECTIONS to meet collabarators face to face and see new / inspiring work. Great event - I always leave feeling exited and invigorated. Great job!”
    Sharyn LOCKE0Creative Director

  • “Inspiring to see so many crafts people in such a concentrated way.”
    James WILKINSONPOPChief Creative Officer

  • “It's always nice to see other facets of personality & talent. Also in person dialogue with reps gave me a solid idea of who would be great to collaborate with.”
    Christina DE LA CRUZ0Creative Director

  • “LE BOOK puts on a most exquisite affair year after year. The best talent, amazing + friendly's a must see event for me each year.”
    Toby PASTSAPIENT RAZORFISH LAGroup Creative Director

  • “Overall the event was a lot of fun. I enjoyed networking and meeting potential vendors who we might work with.”
    Tanner NILSENFOX BROADCASTINGAssoc. Creative Director

  • “The event was excellent as always! This year was even more curated than previous years and was faster to take in.”
    Alex FREUND0Creative Director

  • “Always a pleasure to see the array of exhibitors and meet new faces! The amount of talent and craft excites me every time and I look forward to the next show next year.”
    Chip SHEEANTHEORYChief Creative Officer

  • “It is always a joy to be a part of this magical event. An honor to experience such beautiful art, both moving and still. Wonderful to catch up with new friends and old and to spend face time with the reps that we email and talk to by phone. I always look forward to LE BOOK - consistently inspiring.”
    Ken ZANEOLD NAVYSr. Photo Producer

  • “Nice pool of creative people representing great artists. I defiantly made some good connections. LA needs more events like this!”
    Jimmy LENOIRSEGAArt Director

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