• CONNECTIONS is a convention of talent! Very refreshing and inspiring to meet and see great work face to face.

    NEIMAN MARCUSVice President, Creative Director
  • A rad experience to see a curated selection of great talent.

    Shaun NEFF
    NEFFFounder, Creative Director
  • A one stop shop to see so much visual talent in one place. CONNECTIONS is an invaluable resource.

    Rachel HOLBROOK
    AIRBNBGlobal Head of Production
  • CONNECTIONS was an excellent way to see the latest works from some of the most impressive creatives in the industry, all in one place. A top notch affair that truly lived up to its name!

    David EDWARDS
    LIONSGATESVP Digital Marketing
  • So many talented people all in one place- it was like being at Disneyland theme park for creatives. Appreciate the effort made and really believe this is one of the best avenues for companies and talent to discuss the future.

    SONOSDigital Creative Director
  • LE BOOK is basically speed dating with the most talented vendors in the creative community. And instead of having to swipe left on a bunch of terrible options, you find yourself swiping right on everyone you meet. Then you start planning your next date and then your whole lives together.

    Matt KNAPP
    DOLLAR SHAVE CLUBCreative Director
  • I enjoyed the welcoming vibe and was excited by the variety of companies showcased. It was great to see so many groups embracing technology in an engaging approachable manner.

    Brooke WILLIS
    RESTORATION HARDWAREVice President, Creative
  • What an amazing and eclectic collection of work! It's great to see the industry continue to push into new spaces and places at CONNECTIONS.

    Chris GRAVES
    TEAM ONEChief Creative Officer
  • This was my first time at CONNECTIONS, and it was amazing to connect within the creative community with old friends and new talent. I was astounded by the innovation, beauty, and creativity!

    Liz WELDON
    NIKEVice President, Global Brand
  • It’s invigorating to spend the day getting inspired by some of the best companies working in the creative industry. My time interacting with the exhibitors at LE BOOK CONNECTIONS gave me fresh perspectives on what is at the cutting edge of design, technology, and the still and moving image. I loved the work and would have no hesitation in hiring some of the agencies that I engaged with at the event.

    FX NETWORKSCreative Director
  • CONNECTIONS in LA offers great energy, and a great breadth of creativity. I've been to CONNECTIONS around the world, and love attending on the West Coast.

    Miranda KENDRICK
    72ANDSUNNYDirector of Art Production
  • I love LE BOOK! It challenges me to think about how creatives are evolving so fast in this new digital era. There are no boundaries!

    Rachel KEPP
    HEWLETT PACKARDGlobal Brand Creative Director
  • CONNECTIONS is a multimedia extravaganza - a much needed snapshot of so many essential creative disciplines!

    E! ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISIONVice President, Executive Creative Director
  • CONNECTIONS is always a great place to meet new creative partners, sparking conversations about new opportunities.

    Jon GORDON
    VIRGIN AMERICACreative Director
  • Great to see all this talent in one place! Super valuable.

    R/GAExecutive Creative Director
  • Very nice how Le Book brought together a very talented slate of creatives and exhibitors. It reflects how the creative community is expanding and evolving in different industries and cities around the world. Inspiring

    Sally KIM
  • CONNECTIONS is a must for Creatives, it creates real relationships worth way more than portfolio links.
    I love that it creates dedicated and focused time to see new talent and emerging technologies. I came away with a stronger grasp on key players in my industry and developed new relationships as well. Nothing beats a face to face meeting.

    LUCKY BRANDCreative Director
  • CONNECTIONS is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded creative collaborators - starting conversations to build ideas together. A great experience overall.

    Tracee LAROCCA
    TACO BELLSVP Brand Engagement
  • CONNECTIONS was a great opportunity to discover and connect with innovative creative talents that I'm most interested in working with. A great time-saver.

    Brandon BAKER
    THE NORTH FACESr. Producer
  • I left LA CONNECTIONS with a mind filled with ideas and inspiration. And an address book filled with new and meaningful CONNECTIONS.

    Harry WU
    FOX BROADCASTINGVP, Creative Technology & Digital Production Design
  • CONNECTIONS was a very comprehensive collection of inspired talent that is totally relevant to the creative requirements of global brands today!

    Matthew BETMALECK
    POTTERY BARNCreative Director
  • The diverse collection of work respresented at CONNECTIONS present some of the best in the visual community. Attending was very valuable.

    Emily BLANK
    GOOGLESr. Design Producer
  • The concentration of talent under one roof is both dizzying and exhiliarating. Judging the show forces you to look at the artists with more scrutiny than a casual observer and rewards you with detail that would otherwise escape you.

    Matthew BOROSKY
    ELEVENFounder, Creative Director
  • I will definitely be working with these artists ASAP. I was overwhelmed with excitement in seeing such a vast range of work - from typography to photos to videos - all in one setting.

    CLOROXDigital Creative Director
  • CONNECTIONS is an invaluable opportunity for contact building and inspiration.

    Mike FRANK
    DEUTSCHSVP, Group Creative Director
  • A true pleasure to be part of LE BOOK - I always come back for more.

    Moses KELANY
    PEREIRA & O'DELLDesign Director
  • CONNECTIONS is very inspiring and informative.

    Laura KRAMER
  • A great place to see the people behind the work and make valuable CONNECTIONS.

    Alex FREUND
    NYX COSMETICSVice President, Creative Director
  • The amount of talent represented is out of this world! The people here the best of the best.

    Yves LAROQUE
    LYFTArt Director
  • CONNECTIONS is such an imaginative and inspiring enviroment. The creative skills I saw were extraordiary and top-notch.

    WARNER BROS.Creative Director
  • CONNECTIONS has the best collections of talent around the world.

    Tom LYONS
    MEKANISMExecutive Creative Director
  • LE BOOK is a melding of conceptual and aesthetically beautiful work. It's the perfect place to absorb art!

    INTELArt Director
  • What a great way to engage with creatives! Thanks for putting together such a great event.

    Ross PATRICK
    DDWExecutive Creative Director
  • Thank you so much for the invitation! I saw a wide range of beautiful work that blew my mind.

    VENABLES BELL & PARTNERSCreative Director
  • LE BOOK inspired me to reevaluate my creative standards.

    Chip SHEEAN
    THEORY SFChief Creative Officer
  • The overall experience is outstanding! I don't often get the opportunity to connect with so many creatives at one time.

    GYMBOREEVice President, Creative
  • CONNECTIONS offers a great format for creative discovery. Look forward attending again next year!

    BBDOCreative Director
  • I now want to go to a CONNECTIONS in every city arond the world!

    Nick STRADA
    AKQACreative Director
  • It was great see such a diverse and wide-ranging body of work across the various disciplines. Speaking with the exhibitors and seeing some of the behind-the-scenes was enlightening and sparkling.

    BBDOCreative Director
  • What a lovely additon to SF! I thoroughly enjoyed the day meeting new creatives with my team.

    Vince VORON
    DOLBYExecutive Creative Director
  • CONNECTIONS is an amazing 360 overview of creativity!

    Guto ARAKI
    DEUTSCHExecutive Creative Director
  • The opportunity to push pause on my work life and take time to see all the work that is being done while my head is down, is more than welcome - it's a necessity.

    Marius GEDGAUDAS
    INNOCEANCreative Director
  • Everytime I come to LE BOOK, I meet a ton of new and wonderful people! Stellar work!

    Jason LAU
    180LAContent Producer
  • A great collection of talent from wide range of industries. Inspiring to see work within my field, even more so from outside my field!

    Jim PASCOE
    THE REFINERYSVP Creative Director
  • LE BOOK really knows how to run an elegant event - from top-notch talent to the creative judges and attendees. It's the best curated gathering in LA!

    Toby PAST
    SAPIENTAZORFISHGroup Creative Director
  • LE BOOK never disappoints- a collective of inspiring artists, photographers, and directors that are continually pushing boundaries to deliver new expressions of creativity. As always, I learn as much as I admire the work.

    Chief Creative Officer
  • CONNECTIONS is a dynamic intersection of remarkable technique with ultra-progressive imagination. It is a slice of what is happening NOW!

    Matthew BEDARD
    FLAUNT MAGAZINEEditor-in-Chief
  • CONNECTIONS was a great way to see first hand what is happening in the industry right now. It's inspiring. I met cool people, saw great work and left with a lot of new resources.

    Nicholas FECTEAU
    LARCACreative Director
  • CONNECTIONS offers a wealth of talent through so many different mediums.

    Greg BURI
    DAVID & GOLIATHCreative Director
  • Invaluable collection of talent, work - and a great opportunity to exchange ideas and get on the same page with changes in the creative industry.

    Bowen AMES
    AMAZON DEVICESArt Director
  • LE BOOK proved once again that it’s the go-to event for me. I was looking for talent for a particular project and found several new resources. Worth the trip.

    Holly HOUK
    MIRES BALLAgency Director
  • What a breath of fresh air it was to attend CONNECTIONS and to be exposed to such a diverse group of global creative talent. I made some great contacts and am confident that I will be collaborating with many of them in the future.

    Debi STRUZAN
    IMAXVice President, Head of Creative
  • Thanks for CONNECTIONS! Another great and fun experience! CONNECTIONS conveys such fresh and youthful points of view. The work is breathtaking!

    Carol LOMBARD
    INNOCEANVP Integrated Production
  • It was a super fun event that I got to catch up with colleagues. I was exposed to so many new reps/ vendors.

    Leo JUNG
    THE CALIFORNIA SUNDAYCreative Director