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    Joseph SALAHCOTY LUXURYVice President, Creative Director

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    Regis TOSETTIMONCLERArt Director

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    Riccardo FREGOSOMcCANNECD & Creative Council President

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    Laurent NUYENBABELExecutive Creative Director

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    Riccardo RUINIRICCARDO RUINI STUDIOFounder & Creative Director

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    Renata LEITEGUERLAINSr Vice President, Marketing

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    Eric PIERRETBWA\Groupe \ G1Executive Creative Director

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    Daniel LEVEMANGOArt Director

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    Aude SCHLOSSERLADURÉECommunications Director

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    Florence DUPENNEBA&SHHead of Visual

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    Nicolas PAILLIEUXCHEIL WORLDWILDEExecutive Vice President, Creative

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    Cristiana ZITODDB SpainHead of Strategy

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    Gabriel LIPPISW & CIECreative Director

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    Fabien PONSPUBLICIS BASTILLEDigital Creative Director

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    Myriam MALTAOGILVYHead of Art

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    Fabien ALLEGREPSG | PARIS SAINT GERMAINExecutive Director, Merchandising & Diversification

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    Isabelle MERCIERGALERIES LAFAYETTEAdvertising Marketing & Editorial Manager

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    Pauline FRACHONMAKE UP FOR EVERGlobal Head of Communication & Image

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    Christophe MARTINLEO BURNETTExecutive Creative Director

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    Anne-Gaëlle LE ROUX-VAQUERVALUE RETAIL | LA VALLEE VILLAGECommunications Director

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    Nathalie DEBRASL'ORÉAL LUXECommunications Director

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    Irache MARTINEZSHOWROOM PRIVE.COMChief Marketing Officer

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    Emilie URBANSKYSONY MUSIC EntertainmentImage Director

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    Isabelle PICARDPETIT BATEAUDeputy Director of Communication

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    Marta PEDRUELOSTRADIVARIUSImage & Communications Director

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    Thierry BURIEZJESUS ET GABRIELCreative Director

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    Charlotte CUSINATOUNIVERSAL MUSICHead of Creation and Content

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    Berengere ROZECOTY PRESTIGEMarketing Director

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    Angelo PALMASOON IN TOKYOPartner & Creative Director

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    Béatrice LASSAILLY-RAMELOGILVY & MATHERCreative Director, Beauty

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    Stravos GEORGAKARACOSUTERQUEGlobal Communications

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    Tahar CHENDERBECAUSESVP, Marketing Director

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    Bertrand DE CHASTENETRENAULTArt Director

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    Guillame AUDYIBERCHEMCorporate Communications

  • “A lot of CREATIVITY. It has been a pleasure and a rich journey."
    Jamel BENJEMAIAGQImage Director

  • “A great couple of days catching up with people I know and serendipitous exchanges with new ones!"

  • “It’s pretty immediate: we introduce ourselves to exhibitors, share what we do and what we are looking for."
    Stéphane AUDOINMARCELHead of Design

  • “CONNECTIONS confirms the Parisian creativity as the leader in creativity!"
    Patrizio MICELIAL DENTECEO & Creative Director