• CONNECTIONS allows you to take a step back and understand where the industry is heading and how the dots are being connected.

    Hector MUELAS
    SVP, Creative DirectorLVMH
  • Always wonderful to connect with real and strong talent, wherever they come from!

    Veronique GABAI PINSKY
    PresidentVERA WANG
  • CONNECTIONS was super relevant in connecting me to companies who will be very helpful with upcoming projects.

    Jesse McMILLAN
    Vice President, Creative DirectorLYFT
  • CONNECTIONS was filled with a rich selection of exhibitors showcasing great technology and inspiring creativity.

    James SPENCE
    SVP Creative MarketingHBO
  • I really enjoyed the entire CONNECTIONS experience. I was able to see some incredible work and meet some great people.

    Brian BORING
    Vice President, Brand CreativeUNDER ARMOUR
  • An amazing way for us to see and engage with new creative partners.

    Vice President, Global DesignCOCA-COLA
  • I found CONNECTIONS very enjoyable to see new work and connect with some of the reps I’ve known over the years, and to meet new ones.
    Super convenient as well as inspiring to be able to devote an afternoon to review work in one place.

    Martha Brooks
    EVP, Exec Creative DirectorMcCANN L’OREAL BEAUTY TEAM
  • Very helpful. An opportunity to see such diverse and innovative talents in one space is so rare… especially with so many avant guard new and emerging medias and technologies.. Many interesting ideas and I look forward to future collaborations.

    Chidi ACHARA
    SVP Global Creative DirectorSIMON PROPERTY GROUP
  • Thank you for inviting me to CONNECTIONS, I met so many great people who I look forward to working with in the future.

    Colleen STOKES
    Vice President, Creative DirectionCOACH
  • LE BOOK has curated the most talented visual communicators in the world across all categories in all mediums. I look forward to the show every year as it's a chance to see and be surprised by the convergence of art and technology.

    Elizabeth KIEHNER
    ECDIBM Interactive Experience (iX)
  • In a world where we are bombarded with media & content, CONNECTIONS & LE BOOK are invaluable curated resources offering a snapshot of the very best in creativity.

    Dave ARNOLD
    Global Design DirectorPEREIRA & O'DELL
  • It was wonderful to experience so much forward-thinking creativity in a single space. LE BOOK puts on a breadth of leading-edge talent show that's well above any event in the industry. I've made at least two connections that will result in working relationships.

    Dennis FURNISS
    Vice President, Nutrition and Sport DesignPEPSICO
  • This year's LE BOOK was fantastic - great talent, people, and views. It was a pleasure to participate.

    Gustaf TORLING
    Vice President, Global CreativeESTEE LAUDER | ORIGINS
  • CONNECTIONS is really efficient in bringing together a curated set of talents. It’s a great way to discover what is right for your brand.

    Elizabeth NOLAN
    Executive Creative DirectorEQUINOX
  • It's my first CONNECTIONS in NYC. It was great to discover so much experiential and generative art present.

    Lydia PANG
    Brand Style DirectorANOMALY
  • Thank you for putting together a great event! The work I saw and contacts I made in such a short span will certainly prove to be invaluable.

    Shandon MELVIN
    Creative DirectorNFL
  • CONNECTIONS is a fascinating mix of diverse talents, and a great reflection of the creative needs in our industry today.

    Demetria WHITE
    Sr. Dir. Global CommunicationsNIKE
  • Always an inspiring time at CONNECTIONS - offering new creative surprises every year. It keeps innovating time after time. Looking forward to the next one!

    Vice President, Creative DirectionABG | JUICY COUTURE
  • CONNECTIONS was a great experience. I saw lots of work that I probably would've never seen otherwise, spanning so many different categories from print to social to technology. Overall, very inspiring. Thank you, LE BOOK.

    Cliff SORAH
    SVP Group Creative DirectorTHE MARTIN AGENCY
  • CONNECTIONS offers a fantastic array of creativity and innovation taking place in our industry. I went from lifting big heavy traditional portfilios to strapping on a VR headset and stepping on Mars.

    Executive Creative DirectorMEKANISM
  • CONNECTIONS was a wonderful event featuring a diverse group of image-makers, directors, and artists. The range of work presented weas remarkable. Having an event that showcases talent that can work across budgets and complex briefs is an invaluable resource.

    Spencer MANDELL
    Creative StrategistFACEBOOK
  • CONNECTIONS is a once a year opportunity to pick the brains of so many creatives.

    Managing Editori-D
  • I have attended LE BOOK more times and with greater consistency than any other creative showcase. It's always inspiring to see the industry at its best.

    Jack BECHT
    Creative Director23 STORIES CONDE NAST
  • A great event developing lasting connections from conversations.

    Thobey CAMPION
  • I had a great time meeting everyone and learning about the diverse talent that is out there. It was very insightful, and I feel honored to be part of such a wonderful event.

    Mai NOZOE
    Vice President, Creative ServicesALICE + OLIVIA
  • Always great to connect the dots!

    Christian WAITZINGER
    Vice President, ECDSAPIENTNITRO
  • It is very inspiring to see new work and have conversations on how they came together. There was great diversity and quality!

    Chris CHAO
    SVP, Creative DirectorARNOLD
  • The beauty of CONNECTIONS is that you’re able to meet with a room full of people that you’ve been trying to meet with all year. It’s very focused and very easy to maximize your time in finding great talents.

    Mickey BOARDMAN
    Editorial DirectorPAPER MAGAZINE
  • I was especially impressed with the new technology presentations I saw. Everything is so advanced and high-level.

    Gabriel EID
    Executive Creative DirectorSELECTWORLD
  • CONNECTIONS was a great experience. The best part was getting to hear about the inspiration and work process from its makers rather than just watching case studies. The whole experience was immensely enjoyable and valuable.

    Teddy LYNN
    CCO, Social and ContentOGILVY & MATHER
  • In our ever evolving industry, it's very important to stay in touch with the new technologies and new ways of communication. LE BOOK does it best!

    Dorothy MANCUSO
    Exec. Dir. of Creative ServicesBOBBI BROWN
  • Amazing selection of non-traditional work - some great VR action - which is of course very interesting for me.

    Clemens BRANDT
    Director of DigitalBBDO
  • It’s so refreshing to see creative minds sharing their work through imagery, design, film, and innovation!

    Javier FARFAN
    Vice President, MarketingREMAZCLA
  • LE BOOK is always inspiring in an unexpected way. It's great to be exposed to new artists, partners, and technologies; it's all crucial to the work we do.

    Julie LIU
    Group Creative DirectorKBS+
  • CONNECTIONS was a great experience and an event I would certainly reccommend other creatives to attend.

    Dan BROOKS
    Partner, Executive Creative DirectorSID LEE
  • Invaluable to have so many qualitative partners on view in one space at one time.

    Roald VANWYK
    Executive Creative DirectorRAZORFISH
  • I met a lot of people; I absorbed a lot of work; I discovered a lot of new talent; I had a lot of fun. Overall, it was a great experience.

    Rebecca O'DONNELL
    Creative Director 
  • It was inspiring to see the different approaches to image-making especially motion, digital, and interactive - the diversity is very relevant and useful.

    Julian KATZ
    SVP, Group Executive ProducerBBDO
  • My first CONNECTIONS experience, proving to be an invaluable overview of print / film / digital content / VR and more. Incredibly useful.

    Dir. of Content & CreativeMEDIACOM
  • I saw work that I may have never discovered otherwise. Already setting up presentations with some of the new contacts I met.

    Barrett ZINDERMAN
    Mang. Partner, Art Prod.[email protected]
  • CONNECTIONS never fails to deliver what it promises: I love that each time, there is a new connection or a re-connection!

    Klitos TEKLOS
    Partner / Executive Creative DirectorAIR PARIS
  • Incredible after all these years to finally be able to put faces to names.

    Margot POPULAIRE
    Senior Art DirectorBARON & BARON
  • I saw lots of great work and some excellent inspiring pieces. I can't wait till next year.

    Nadia BLAKE
    Executive Producer 
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the CONNECTIONS experience - it was very inspiring and refreshing.

    David LARKIN
    Vice President, Creative Director, ExperientialEDELMAN
  • CONNECTIONS was a valuable snapshot featuring some of the best work I've seen in visual storytelling. Thanks for the invitation.

    Roderick STANLEY
    Exec, Ed Dir. Brand MessagingM.A.C. Cosmetics
  • An invaluable resource that I look forward to attending every year.

    Mark FINA
    Executive Creative DirectorSPRING STUDIOS