• CONNECTIONS is an invaluable overview - offering a great selection of solutions for the ever evolving marketing needs of a brand such as FEELUNIQUE.

    Joel PALIX
    Chief Executive OfficerFEELUNIQUE
  • Very refreshing to discover new creative trends which perfectly reflect the current needs of the industry.

    Global Head of Content & CreativeDIESEL
  • Fantastic experience. Saw amazing work and made some very valuable connections.

    Karl-Johan BOGEFORS
    Global Head of MarketingCOS
  • Simply amazing, it would have taking me months to organise all these top quality meetings!

    Nick TURNER
    Chief Creative OfficerRAZORFISH
  • Perfect social interaction to encounter incredible and much needed talent.

    Stephen JENKINS
  • Better than the internet, incredible & diverse level creativity of talent on show.

    Alastair COTTERIL
    Global Head of Creative & StrategyPINTEREST
  • I really enjoyed my experience at CONNECTIONS! I look forward to the next edition!

    Craig SMITH
    Brand Communications DirectorTED BAKER
  • The best platform to discover work from our industry's finest creators & producers. My eyes have been opened!

    Trevor ELD
    Executive Creative DirectorR/GA
  • Very informative showcase - offering an interesting mix of experienced agencies using different approaches for content creation. A valuable snapshot of creative solutions today.

    Jason LOWDEN
    Global Head of Creative & VisualKAREN MILLEN
  • A very enjoyable experience. The work on display was extremely impressive & relevant!

    Helen FUCHS
    Executive Creative DirectorDIGITAS LBI
  • The necessary dose of inspiration to our everyday work - offering discovery into the new talents of this digital age!

  • My first time attending – and I found it simply amazing. An invaluable resource. I highly recommend connecting.

    Exec. Creative Technology DirectorGREY LONDON
  • An amazingly valuable experience in connecting with some of the best talents in the creative space.

    Balwant AHIRA
    Creative DirectorFARFETCH
  • CONNECTIONS offers great insight on the future of content & image-making. I witnessed the importance of digital within post production - Super experience!

    Masaya NAKADE
    Executive Creative DirectorAKQA
  • CONNECTIONS was truly inspiring.

    James WALKER
    Head of MarketingCHANNEL 4
  • As always, CONNECTIONS was incredibly inspiring!

    Carla BUZASI
    Chief Content OfficerWGSN
  • Great work, great time, some great CONNECTIONS.

    Mike O'KEEFE
    Vice President, CreativeSONY MUSIC
  • CONNECTIONS gives you access to inaccessible international talent. Priceless..

    Head of Visual IdentityLIBERTY
  • Connected with some great companies in the social & digital space.

    Wil BEEDLE
    Chief Creative DirectorALLSAINTS
  • There could not be a better combination of great talent and amazing works!

    Daniela MICHELON
    Head of XLABAMV BBDO
  • I always find someone new that I want to work with at CONNECTIONS!

    Jane GORLEY
    Creative DirectorSTYLE.COM (CONDE NAST)
  • Just brilliant.

    Katrina WARD-SMITH
    Head of Creative, Media & ContentTELEFONICA
  • High calibre of work and valuable access to the stories behind the work.

    Andrew PAYNE
    Global Chief Creative OfficerINTERBRAND
  • CONNECTIONS offered a fascinating look at the balance of new technology vs. traditional content creation. An invaluable resource.

    Head of Digital & Content MarketingASTON MARTIN
  • Amazing selection of non-traditional projects and innovators - really amazing.

    Executive Creative DirectorRKCR/YR
  • Super useful to see so much great work in one space at one time. Will definitely keep some of these companies in mind for upcoming projects. Merci!

    Laila MIGNONI
    Director of Creative ExcellenceBACARDI
  • Stimulating, enriching and beautiful overview of some amazing creative partners and solutions. Thank you LE BOOK!

    Aicha FETOUHI
    Head of TVBETC
  • Great time. A lot of amazing work and so many new contacts. Refreshing!

    Lee TAN
    Executive Creative DirectorMcCANN
  • Great to be sorrounded by so much creativity.

    Steve VRANAKIS
    Executive Creative DirectorGOOGLE Creative Lab
  • Very exciting to see such great work with digital techniques at its very heart! I will definitely be back!

    Tyrone HANNICK
    Head of DigitalMOTHER
  • A great selection of talented content creators. Happy to be a part of it.

    Alastair ALLEN
    Head of DigitalTOPSHOP & TOPMAN
  • Being a juror at CONNECTIONS reminded me that amazing creativity is all around through traditional as well as modern know-how. I cannot wait to be back next time!

    Barney PICKARD
    Art DirectorHARRODS
  • Splendid time connecting.

    Tim STYLES
    Creative StrategistFACEBOOK
  • I met with many different creative minds across many different disciplines and it was really great to connect with such a variety of inspirational talent all under one roof.

    Jo SMITH
    Head of PR & AdvertisingDAKS
  • The experimental and social additions this year demonstrated that creative agencies are adaptive to today’s audience behaviour. Truly enjoyed participating in such a constructive manner.

    Paul HOGARTH
    Creative DirectorM&C SAATCHI
  • The Le Book events are a great way of meeting the cities freshest creative talent in one place at one time. I found the event well curated and highly engaging.

    Silas ROONEY
    Creative DirectorBarclays UK
  • Extraordinary showcase of new talent!

    Jo OLI
    Art DirectorNET A PORTER
  • Exciting to see so many new technologies under one roof!

    Nathalie BRAHLER
    Chief Creative Officer60 LAYERS OF CAKE
  • A valuable and worthwhile experience, you can count on me for next year!

    Stephan ROUX
    Global Creative DirectorHUAWEI
  • Saw some brilliant projects & some excellent talents to partner with in the future.

    Eric SAMPERS
    Global Brand DirectorCHIVAS (PERNOD RICARD)
  • CONNECTIONS was absolutely breath taking. Loved the selection of interactive work and moving image.

    Marta SWANNIE
    Digital Creative DirectorTHE BRAND UNION
  • CONNECTIONS gives top creatives a chance to connect and review some of Europe’s finest creative production partners.

    Mary Claire KIRWAN
    Head of CreativeLIPSY
  • Such an enjoyable experience and loads of great activities!

    Paul JORDAN
    Executive Creative DirectorMCGARRYBOWEN
  • Fun, energizing & so much creativity,

    Patrick DUFFY
    Creative DirectorAIR BNB
  • Great to see everything under one roof. A one stop shop for the best in creativity!

    Jo JONES
    Image DirectorFITFLOP
  • CONNECTIONS is consistent with the evolution of the creative industry and is even ahead of its time!

    Jennifer HOQUE
    Senior DesignerFABERGE
  • Always inspiring to see such a variety of content and come across so many new international talents.

    Marina ANSELL
    Image DirectorASOS
  • Spending time with such amazing talents brought a smile to my face! Incredibly impressive!

    Creative DirectorBISQIT
  • Magnifique!

    Thomas LAGET
    Production DirectorSID LEE
  • A fantastic and unique mix of international and local creative partners and solutions!

    Aine DONOVAN
    Production Director & PartnerBBH
  • An incredible overview of creative talents!

    Marketing & Communications Dir.CHARLOTTE TILBURY
  • CONNECTIONS is THE place to be inspired! If you can’t find creative and talented suppliers and partners here, they probably don’t exist.

    Trevallyn HALL
    Creative Director (Assoc)OGILVY & MATHER
  • Very exciting to discover so much talent and to see how the digital is taking over the creative industry.

    Project DirectorSPRING STUDIO
  • A treasure trove of emerging talent. Really inspiring.

    Matt BOOTH
    Art DirectorANYA HINDMARCH
  • The diversity of the work on display is mind blowing!

    Perveen AKHTAR
    PR DirectorINTEL
  • A unique & incredible resource for our daily needs - Brilliant show!

    Julia ARENSON
    Head of Creative ProductionVCCP
  • It was, like always, very inspiring. Meeting old friend and making new ones.

    Rodger BEEKMAN
    Chief Creative Officer60 LAYERS OF CAKE
  • An electric mix of expertise all under one roof!

    Karen BOSWELL
    Interactive LeadADAM&EVE DDB
  • Warm hospitality with a Gallic flair!

    Andy BREESE
    Head of Art & DesignPUBLICIS
  • Attending CONNECTIONS was like being dropped into a VR version of the book itself. The best in the industry are at your fingertips and really enthusiastic to talk through their work. We are all busy but the couple of hours I took to make new connections and be inspired was well worth it. My little black book just got a little thicker.

    Director of Technology & InnovationWCRS
  • My first time at CONNECTIONS. Brilliant access to such an interesting network.

    Scott CORBETT
    Head of CreativePAPERCHASE
  • Amazed by such fresh faces and great content!

    Creative Director / Co-FounderSAVAGE AND KING
  • CONNECTIONS gets you into a high creative mood.

  • An overload of amazing work. Head-spinning!

    Nathalie SOFINSKYJ
    Executive Creative DirectorSCHOLZ & FRIENDS
  • Fabulous creative activities and encounters!

    Jodie MCCORMAC
    Head of ProductionAMPLIFY
  • CONNECTIONS was a fantastic opportunity to discover the inspiration behind such a great group of image makers.

    Jennifer HOQUE
    Senior DesignerFABERGE
  • So much great work to see!

    Sarah THOMSOM
    Head of ArtOGILVY & MATHER
  • A very useful event with an extraordinary variety of works.

    Claudio CASSOTTI
    Snr Creative ProducerGREY LONDON
  • Busy, energetic and exciting environment!

    Matt ALLEN
  • Fantastic and very useful event filled with great people and great work!

    Leila BARTLAM
    Head of TV & ContentIRIS WORLDWIDE
  • CONNECTIONS is one of the best event in the creative industry to find fresh and original talent, from traditional illustration and photography to CG animation films, VR and more.

    Christophe BRUMBY
    Brand Strategist
  • Very informal setting in a professional environment

    Ellora CHOWDHURY
    Executive ProducerMPC (TECHNICOLOR)
  • An inspiring show! I saw a different side of the creative industry.

    Lindsey CHRICHLOW
    Senior Project CoordinatorJACK WILLS
  • You think you see everything online, but being able to talk to the creators makes all the difference. Amazing!

    Florian SCHMIDT
    Creative Director/FounderHi-ReS!
  • Amazing first time at CONNECTIONS - I found it extremely useful and will definitely be back!

    Margarot LEVINGSTONE
    Head of Content & TechnologyROTHCO Dublin
  • I definitely discovered potential partners for future projects!

    Antoine NILSON
    Creative DirectorFRANK'S MOOD
  • It was great! CONNECTIONS had really good quality of attendees as always! Looking forward to the next show in Amsterdam!

    Tom BOX
    Co-Founder/DirectorBLUE ZOO PRODUCTIONS
  • Inspiring to see an increasing number of digital works on display!

    Ben LUNT
    Executive Digital DirectorBEATTIE MCGUINNESS
  • Beautiful! An inspiring and fantastic way to do good business!

    Simon CROSBY
    Art DirectorMOHAWK
  • I really enjoyed CONNECTIONS! I will definitely be back next year!

    Susie BABCHICK
    Talent AgentRSA
  • A dynamic and delightful tradefair filled with enthusiasm.

    Director POSTMATTER