• These companies represented talent that's multi-faceted, blending different art forms and medias like experiential, film production and social content. To see this integration at CONNECTIONS was innovative and is what we're asked to do on a daily basis.

    Tom DUNLAP
    Chief Production Officer72ANDSUNNY
  • A great way to leave the emails behind and focus on all the talent. Attending CONNECTIONS consolidates for weeks worth of emailing in one day!

    VP Marketing7 FOR ALL MANKIND
  • LE BOOK is an inspirational free-for-all. It’s the MUST ATTEND event to engage with colleagues on what’s happening now and to discover what or who is the next gen creative.

    Christopher DONOVAN
    SVP of MarketingE! & ESQUIRE NETWORK
  • CONNECTIONS continues to bring the together the best creatives in the world. This year’s CONNECTIONS was an incredible resource for information and inspiration that will help push our work further. LE BOOK pulls off an elegant, fun, and desirable affair that I was proud to be part of. Looking forward to the next one.

    Mike FRANK
    VP, Group Creative DirectorRAZORFISH
  • CONNECTIONS is a platform that gives creative agencies a place to voice the art of their talent in a meaningful and focused way. Exhibitors and clients alike walk away feeling connected and in tune with the art marketplace. It is the industry's "must attend" event.

    Joyce AZRIA
    Creative DirectorBCBGENERATION
  • CONNECTIONS is a great, not-so-secret weapon in the creative’s toolbox. It’s here that we get to know some of the top talent in the country, and how to get to them.

    Josh ROSE
    Chief Creative OfficerWEBER SHANDWICK
  • I had a good day at connections LA – saw some great work and had conversations with a lot of interesting people.

    Roderick STANLEY
    Executive Editorial DirectorM.A.C COSMETICS
  • This was the most efficient, enjoyable way to meet so many talented creatives. It was wonderful to condense what would have been multiple meetings into one fun event.

    Rachel HOLBROOK
    Global Head of ProductionAIRBNB
  • I had a great time, and it was a pleasure to be involved.

    Malia WEDGE
    Sr. Art DirectorATHLETA
  • It's nice to see new and old faces and get up-to-date on the latest creative happenings. Thanks LE BOOK.

    Cynthia KNOX
    Sr. Art DirectorJOHN PAUL MITCHELL
  • Great show. Great Venue and even greater talent! Can’t wait till next year.

    Vlad PISARIK
    Global Creative DirectorPARAMOUNT
  • CONNECTIONS is an intense focus on some of the worlds' best creatives. What an experience!

    Vince VORON
    VP, Executive Creative DirectorDOLBY LABORATORIES
  • THE place to find talent; it brings the right crowd and the right creatives together, under one roof. I wish it lasted a few more days so I could talk to everyone!

    David BORNOFF
    Creative DirectorPANDORA
  • It was a pleasure attending CONNECTIONS, there was access to such an array of talented creative artists and agencies.

    Kristina EFFRON
    Director of Creative ServicesFX NETWORKS
  • The breadth of talent was fantastic. I was able to form connections with artists whose work (photography, video, digital) I have long admired.

    Jedd SCHER
    Sr. Creative DirectorNBC UNIVERSAL
  • What a great opportunity to have like-minded creatives connect over the work that pushes our industry forward. In a way it’s innovation in practice, bringing different perspectives together to create new ideas.

    SVP, Executive Creative DirectorRAPP
  • LE BOOK is great for connecting with colleagues and seeing incredible art. At CONNECTIONS, I always walk away with a new roster of exciting talent to partner with in the future.

    Manager of Art ProductionTEAM ONE
  • It was great to see familiar faces and meet the ones I've been e-mailing with for so many months. The flow and creative vibes were really great!

    Ilona KLAVER
    Production DirectorVIOLET GREY
  • The execution of the work shown was phenomenal. It brings many different disciplines together like digital, film, production, photography, design, fashion... A go-to event for all creatives!

    Matt MILLER
    Executive Creative DirectorBBDO
  • Shit was bananas!

    Brett KING
  • CONNECTIONS is the only event of it's kind. You can come here, meet an agent, see the right image makers and have a mutual project in mind and it all pieces together.

    Julia FINCH
    Photo Art DirectorAMAZON
  • CONNECTIONS offers a wide variety of photo producers and production houses so it's great to see it all in one place.

    Amy COOK
    Director, Global Creative OperationsOAKLEY
  • It's the best presentation of commercial work out there. CONNECTIONS is the best creative resource!

    Creative DirectorTHE LOST EXPLORER
  • CONNECTIONS was a wonderful gathering of insanely talented people. I loved having access to them all at once. It's like being at work without the work!

    Brett WINN
    Creative DirectorTHE REFINERY
  • I had so much fun! Thanks for including me!

    Brian ROBINSON
    Global Creative DirectorDREAMWORKS
  • I really enjoyed my experience at CONNECTIONS. The level of talent displayed was amazing and inspiring.

    Carol LOMBARD
    VP Integrated ProductionINNOCEAN
  • I come to CONNECTIONS every year to meet the best artists, collaborators, photographers, directors here and end up hiring them within the year.

    VP, Executive Creative DirectorE! ENTERTAINMENT
  • CONNECTIONS was an amazing event that was filled with beautiful work from all over the world. It was so easy to get lost in the body of work from hundreds of talented artists.

    Gardner DeFRANCEAUX
    VP CreativeCOLD OPEN
  • CONNECTIONS was a fantastic experience - allowing me to engage in work and with artists that I may otherwise have missed. It really was a great opportunity to get a snapshot of recent work and some of the trends across photography and content creation. The show felt current and authentic in it's mission. All in all a great experience – thank you LE BOOK!

    Karen GRAHAM
  • CONNECTIONS is without doubt an eclectic one-of-a kind experience. It’s an opportunity to network with extraordinary talent in image creation and all leave inspired.

    Jeff FERRO
    VP Global ProductionPEREIRA & O'DELL
  • I had a fabulous time and enjoyed everything thoroughly and saw so much amazing work! Will definitely be working with some of these vendors in the future, thanks for the wonderful event!

    Meghan NEWELL
    Sr. DesignerLYFT
  • I had a great time at CONNECTIONS. LE BOOK helps us stay ahead while exposing us to the best creative content.

    Joshua KELLMAN
    Digital ProducerGRUPOS GALLEGOS
  • As a strategist who works closely with creatives, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing such renowned creatives. Overall, CONNECTIONS was a very useful experience.

    Amanda ROLLINS
    Strategic DirectorJUSTFAB
  • I really enjoyed this year’s event. The venue was amazing.

    Mara SERDENS
    Sr. Art ProducerDEUTSCH
  • I had a wonderful time and CONNECTIONS served as a great opportunity to meet with everyone and connect. It was a very enjoyable experience for my team.

    Vincent HA
    Digital ProducerJ BRAND
  • It's the annual highlight of the creative scene in LA. LE BOOK's CONNECTIONS gathers the top influencers in branding, management, video and photography in one place, making an impactful impression across all platforms. Everyone is smart and savvy - it gives me insight and inspiration as a Creative Director from all angles, especially how to position proper strategies for my clients.

    Jess DANG
    Creative DirectorBRAND SENSE PARTNERS
  • I'm so glad I attended CONNECTIONS. It was really inspirational and I enjoyed the morning seminar with the speakers.

    Sergio BELLETINO
  • I really enjoyed experiencing CONNECTIONS. The best part was meeting all the talented artists, and it excites me thinking about upcoming collaborations with them. I truly made CONNECTIONS!

    Ryan EUBANKS
  • CONNECTIONS was a wonderful opportunity to find a huge variety of potential partners to create memorable work for my clients all at once. Definitely a time saver!

    Jason PICKAR
    Content ProducerWEBER SHANDWICK
  • I saw new agencies I didn't know of and a lot of friendly and familiar faces. Great networking atmosphere.

    Nicole REJWAN
    Art Producer72ANDSUNNY
  • CONNECTIONS was an amazing event for discovering new talent, new agencies and catching up with old friends throughout the industry. I always walk away having learned something new and met someone amazing. CONNECTIONS something I look forward to, as an art producer, all year long

    Katie BUNTSMA
    Art ProducerTEAM ONE
  • I thought CONNECTIONS was creatively brilliant. I had a great time meeting so many like-minded peers in one setting.

    Brandon CRAIN
    Creative ManagerPARAMOUNT
  • CONNECTIONS was informative and thrilling. Definitely the place for trendspotting! I'm excited to share the creative intellect I've gathered from the show with colleagues.

    Mariah GILL-ERHART
    Production ManagerDAVIS ELEN ADVERTISING
  • I have two big productions coming up shortly and it was a great, quick way to see some exciting talent that I might not have had on my radar.

    Holly HOUK
    ProducerMIRES BALL
  • It was a fun, energetic environment for creative folks to rub elbows, share stories, get inspired and meet new talent!

    Jacquelyn MOE
    Creative DirectorWALT DISNEY
  • My team and I enjoyed CONNECTIONS immensely! It was nice seeing such a variety of offerings from to digital to experiential and even garnered some great contacts for future projects. Looking forward to NYC!

    Gerri ANGELO
    Sr. Digital DirectorR&R PARTNERS
  • I was overwhelmed by all the creativity. It was really inspiring to be at a convention where everything I looked at was just beautiful.

    Robin SPEHAR
    Vice President, CreativeB2+
  • The level of talent from the artists and judges were of the highest quality. I plan to collaborate with the people I connected with in the future. The event was a perfect mix of business and social!

    Dave CURTIN
    Brand LicensingDISNEY
  • Face-to-face time is important to build relationships in the production community. CONNECTIONS consolidates emails, mailers, and portfolios we all receive on a daily basis into one day. CONNECTIONS consumes me for a day making me focus on what matters, finding the perfect creative partners for my next big project.

    Gina SCALICE
    Art ProducerR&R PARTNERS
  • CONNECTIONS is definitely the “hub” for all creative minds and the provider for amazing talents and resources.

  • CONNECTIONS is a great event. It gives me the opportunity to connect with so many reps that I may not have normally met at my agency. Each rep can give personalized recommendations of which artists’ new work I should look at. It’s never the same each year and something all creatives should go to.

    Rosie OLLERO
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to LE BOOK. This was an excellent opportunity to have face time with those I plan to work with closely with in the future. Everyone who attended brought their individuality to the table.

    Kate ZAMBON
    Assoc. Art ProducerTEAM ONE
  • CONNECTIONS is about quality over quantity. We engaged with agency creatives, brand managers and other decision makers who were eager to talk, learn, and share.

  • CONNECTIONS was fantastic this year! Loved the location, saw many new faces in the industry, and walked away with some great new connections.

  • LA was one of the best CONNECTIONS we've showcased in. Thank you!

  • CONNECTIONS proved to be an extraordinary opportunity for one-on-one discussions with an exclusive mix of global creatives. I even have collaborations with my photographers/directors in the works. A rare opportunity and well-worth the investment. Looking forward to New York!

  • CONNECTIONS was a great opportunity to reconnect and meet potential collaborators, colleagues and friends.

  • We had an incredible day that reinforced everything we've been doing. We will certainly be doing NYC!

  • We love LE BOOK! It's the one event that is must-do for all creatives every year. We always make really great connections - and often with people that I think that we would otherwise never meet.

  • I remain super impressed by CONNECTIONS. Just about everyone I talked to was the “right” person and there simply was no fluff. It’s so energizing how excited everyone was to find us there! It’s been a week since the event and my voice is still sore from all the engaging conversations I had with the best in the industry. Really looking forward to the next one.

  • It was an honor presenting our work as a reflection of the creative industry and also networking with top-notch creatives!

  • It was my first CONNECTIONS event on the West Coast! The ample opportunities presented to network in the U.S. is definitely an eye-opener! Great job, LE BOOK!

  • It's always great to "connect" at CONNECTIONS! Looking forward to New York.

  • LA was a joy. I loved every second of it from meeting invaluable contacts to potential clients in the industry! Thank you LE BOOK for all the work you do to unite the creative community.

  • LE BOOK is an incredible platform for agencies to really showcase their material, and gives them an opportunity to interact with the best in the business.

  • LE BOOK is totally rad.

  • One word... AMAZING!

  • Thanks for everything! We always enjoy LE BOOK.

  • The creative energy of the show was great. Everyone around me was upbeat and excited to meet each other. I also met some contacts who were a great match for future projects.

  • The show was amazing. Great job! Thank you for giving creatives something to look forward to from coast to coast!

  • This was the busiest show that I have done, and I have done quite a few. Was happy to see such a great variety of West Coast companies in attendance.

  • IHeart Reps had a fantastic time at LE BOOK!

  • Every creative I met was very bright and insightful, so I’d say we had a great time! CONNECTIONS is so inspiring for our community!