• “Thank you for this new and enriching online experience. The adventure does not stop there, I firmly count on being back on the platform in order to see more content from exhibitors and talks, but already now, I wanted to tell you that it is always a great pleasure to be participating in this event. An honest grade of 9/10 to Connections Digital. Beautiful things and great atmosphere, as always. "
    Volker GEHRCreative DirectorVACHERON CONSTANTIN

  • “Thank you very much for the opportunity to join your fantastic team and contribute on the jury panel this year. I was impressed at how Connections very successfully transitioned to the digital format this year. Congratulations to you and your team!"
    Shirley LIUVice PresidentL'OREAL

  • “Connections Digital is fantastic - I really appreciated being included and having the opportunity to be a juror."
    Caitlin RAVINCreative DirectorCONVERSE

  • “Impressive! The digital event felt like a real event and people I connected with last year knew where to find me. The functions, being able to talk and see people are great. I really enjoyed taking part in this. Also, the option to store documents to retrieve them later is a win. Overall, only respect from me. "
    Patrick MAASESr. Art DirectorPATRICK MAASE

  • “I enjoyed it. I met some good people, thank you! In some ways I preferred it virtually rather than in person. It felt more productive. "
    Andy WALKERVP, Creative Director, Nike Brand Creative, EMEANIKE

  • “It was a pleasure to be part of your jury. The digital experience was really good, as well as the way the virtual exhibition was organized. The navigation was quite easy and intuitive, and I did not experience any technical trouble. The choice of the candidates in the short list was well assorted and it was representative of the current creative environment. Let us say that it was an excellently executed event. "
    Davide ZANOLINIExecutive Vice President Global Marketing & CommunicationPIAGGIO

  • “Great concept to keep everyone connected. Congratulations to LE BOOK team for this new digital platfom"
    Giles LAMBERTCreative DirectorUNILEVER

  • “Thanks to LE BOOK for making it happen. It's a great platform!"
    Markus ALLERHead of DesignE. BREUNINGER GMBH & CO. KG

  • “Thanks for having me, it was really inspiring."
    Isabelle FAGGIANELLIVP Digital Transformation & InnovationCHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE

  • “I am really grateful for the opportunity. I would just like to let you know that the digital experience of the trade show was perfect. Everything ran smoothly and with no bugs. Congrats to you guys, for making such a big event possible in challenging times like the ones we are living."
    Andre BLANCOSenior Creative DirectorAKQA

  • “That was great! Some really nice work this year. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it "
    Justin BLYTHExecutive Creative DirectorREGIME

  • “Thank you for having me on the jury, I really enjoyed it! The virtual way of watching projects is very interesting !"
    Luke LICreative leadIKEA

  • “Thank you for this new online experience, it was really great!"
    Davide BOSCACCIExecutive V.P. CreativePUBLICIS

  • “Thanks for letting me participate. I actually liked the virtual event better. Much more efficient."
    Ranjit MOSESChief Marketing OfficerBANQUE SYZ

  • “Thank you for having me, it was inspiring."
    Carolina BERGAMOBrand Image SupervisorSERGIO ROSSI

  • “Thanks again for everything! I had the opportunity to have discussions with very interesting people. "
    Nicolas BOYE-MOLLERHead of CreativeBLABLACAR

  • “Congratulations for the digital experience of Connections I liked it very much and I had a nice time reviewing the projects!"
    Gloria Maria CAPPELLETTIEditor at Large & Creative Directori-D ITALY

  • “Thank you, LE BOOK! It was a great, new experience to discover LE BOOK in its digital form. Sure, I miss the physical get-together and laughs but the ESCADA team thinks you did a great job!"
    Ingo BRACKHead of Creative Services & MediaESCADA

  • “Thank you for making it happen, the platform was easy to use."
    Joseph SALAHVice President Creative & Design Excellence COTY

  • “Visually I felt like I was at the real event, it was the closest thing virtually to the real thing. I was very impressed with how everything was set up and really appreciated everyone’s communication leading to the event. Found some great talent and I look forward to the next one!"
    Arpi AGDEREArt ProducerVANS

  • “The experience was really good!"
    Emmanuel BRUNETCreative DirectorBAD & PARTNERS

  • “Thank you for your efforts, I found the platform accessible and interesting."
    Philip NEUFELDTCreative DirectorESTÉE LAUDER

  • “I spent a very nice day discovering beautiful creative projects, thank you again for inviting me!"
    Alexis CALLIESCreative DirectorSONY MUSIC

  • “Thank you for making the event possible in an innovative way."
    Emmanuel ROUYERCreative DirectorPSA PEUGEOT CITROEN

  • "I LOVED the European event and I’d love to participate to the next one!"
    Claudia CALORISenior Marketing ExecutivePHILIPS

  • “I thought it was great: very easy to use and filled with high-quality works. It was a pleasure to meet all those professionals and, as always, I lack time to visit them all. I'll share my favourites with my brand team. I hope we get the chance to work alongside some professionals I discovered today. Thanks a lot and congratulations for pulling it off!"

  • “Thank you so much for this beautiful digital experience, I loved it!! "
    Lele DEL FABBROCreative DirectorLDF STUDIO

  • “Thank you for this digital experience, I loved it!"
    O'Neil EDWARDSStudio Creative Content Production ManagerSAMSUNG

  • “The platform turned out to be intuitive. I had some great chats and will continue to peruse."
    Kimberly EWTONCreative DirectorSELECT WORLD

  • “Thank you for having me on the jury this year, I really enjoyed it. Well done for pulling it off online and still keeping the feel of the show, I thought it worked brilliantly. Definitely the best online judging I've taken part in so far! Thanks again, I would love the chance to come back next year and do it face to face again"
    Gary FAWCETTExecutive Creative DirectorTBWA MANCHESTER

  • “Thank you for giving me this opportunity! It was very interesting!"
    Brian FEINMANInternational Marketing and Communication DirectorJEAN-CLAUDE BIGUINE

  • “It was a good day on a great platform!"
    Federigo GABELLIERIArt DirectorGQ

  • “The Digital Connections show was very inspiring. The people I met were really nice. Overall, the navigation was easy and I could meet all participants via Zoom, which made it more personal."
    Sonja GLAVASArts & Luxury Goods Marketing ExpertFREELANCE

  • “It has been a real pleasure and an honor to be part of the great team of jurors you have gathered for this edition of Connections Digital Europe. It has been very inspiring for me to discover a very different way of conceiving a festival. From the approach to its execution, probably very conditioned by the moments we are living. I believe that Connections is and will be, in the upcoming years, a very important and enriching meeting point for different professionals in the creative industry. Thank you once again for counting on me."
    Guillermo GINESCreative Director ExpertGUILLERMO GINES

  • “Thanks for the good work shown during the show. The event was very nice and the system was very well organised."
    Miguel GORICreative DirectorSOLAR INITIATIVE

  • “It was great! I met some good people."
    Macs IOTTICreative Director & FounderMACSIOTTI

  • “It was a pleasure to be a part of the jury, I liked it!"
    Ioana ARCHONTAKICreative DirectorDDB ATHENES

  • “Thank you for having me, the platform was great!"
    Julia ARENSONHead of Creative OperationsSPECSAVERS

  • “The platform was easy to access and I discovered great projects!"
    Stephane AUDOUINHead of DesignMARCEL

  • “It was great! "
    Vincent BEHAEGHELExecutive Creative Director & FounderBEHAEGHEL CREATIVE STUDIO

  • “Digital experience was really good!"
    Giulia BERNARDIContent Strategist and ProductionBULGARI

  • “I thought the platform was fantastic!! Very clear and easy to use. I'd really need a few days to visit and see everything!! There's a huge amount of creativity reunited in one single place and that's fantastic. The professionals who presented themselves were really good."
    Carmen ISARTArt, Marketing, Communication DirectorPRONOVIAS

  • “A fantastic opportunity to meet and enjoy the talent of the creative community in a very attractive and intuitive digital event. I am very grateful to have been part of the jury!"
    Carmen ISARTArt, Marketing, Communication DirectorPRONOVIAS

  • “It was easy to judge via the website - everything works . The pre selection and each with two projects was prepared well."

  • “I’ve looked at the platform and it looks very good, very easy and simple to use. "
    Erik KESSELSCreative Director & FounderKESSELSKRAMER

  • “I must say that I discovered quite a few great portfolios and agencies offering very interesting solutions in terms of creative services or/and production support."

  • “This has been a good experience even without drinking and much about inspiration."

  • “I thought it was a really good experience despite the conditions and the context. Planning of visiting different booths was very efficient. Concerning the works, I found there was a great variety of very high-quality projects. Many thanks for inviting me and pulling it off, it was a wonderful experience! "
    Manon LEPINAYCreative StrategyGOOGLE ZOO

  • “I was really impressed with the variety of work shown as well as the digital capabilities you used to take the show online. The platform was super easy to navigate and everything worked."
    Heike LINNEMANNBrand General ManagerKIKO COSMETICS

  • “It was great! I am in such a good mood now because I have seen so many amazing projects."
    Jessica LUH-FUCHSMarketing & Communications ManagerDESKO

  • “Thank you I really enjoyed that! "

  • “I visited all the booths, and saw lots of great work!"
    Leo MARKSGlobal Creative DirectorMINI

  • “It was a great virtual event! I thought the format was interesting and inventive. It gave the jurors lots of options, and made it easy to connect with the vendors."
    Alexa McINTYRECreative ProducerAMAZON

  • “Great platform, thank you!"
    Isabelle MOCQ-ORAINHead of Art BuyingBETC

  • “Thank you for making the effort. I met some interesting people. Hope the next one can be a real life show though!"
    Angelo PALMAChief Creative OfficerSOON IN TOKYO

  • “I had some video-calls, the added value: chatting with them is amazing!"
    Francesca PEZZINICentral & Eastern Europe Connections ManagerCOCA COLA

  • “Thanks for having me, I had a very good time on the platform!"
    Arnout ROBBECreative DirectorOGILVY

  • “Thanks for having me, it was really inspiring."
    Fabien ROCHEPAULTCreative DirectorEMAKINA

  • “It was a pleasure to be part of your jury. The experience was really good!"
    Nicolas THIBOUTOTCreative DirectorPUBLICIS CONSEIL

  • “I want to thank you once again for the wonderful and accessible digital format of the event."
    Raffaella TRAVERSOHead of MarketingK-WAY | BASIC NET

  • “I was very impressed by the overall set up and navigation on the platform you created, and the overall experience I had judging the work as well as connecting with all the participants via videocalls. A great adaptation of the regular Connections into a Covid-proof rich digital experience."
    Robert VAN DEN HEUVELExecutive Creative DirectorPUBLICIS GROUPE

  • “Thank you, I met a lot of inspiring people."
    Emanuele VIORAExecutive Creative DirectorDELOITTE DIGITAL

  • “The European event was great, really cool to be part of it!"
    Jort WILDSCHUTCreative DirectorWOLFSTREET

  • “Thank you for everything."
    Craig WILLIAMSCreative DirectorWIEDEN + KENNEDY

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