• "Great forum to see what's new, energizing and fantastic creative talent and networking under one roof!"
    Tiana CONLEY JIM BEAM Senior Brand Manager, Global

  • "Great conversations. Some of the work was just breathtaking. I could have spent hours with some of the representatives. Thank you and it was a great experience to be a part of it."
    Ryan DURITSA WALGREENS Creative Director, Digital

  • "A very refreshing experience. Made some amazing connections and I'll definately be back!"
    Cindy DABABNEH McDONALD'S Executive Producer, Creative Services

  • "Great event! Intimate environment provides productive and engaging conversations!"
    Susan KENN MILLERCOORS Senior Design Manager

  • "What a fun event! it was so lovely to see what is happening throughout the industry and to focus so many new connections. A great opportunity to view the latest and greatest!"

  • "Great work overall - integration of disciplines is starting to show."
    Matt SCOVILLE ENERGY BBDO VP, Executive Producer

  • "This was my first and not totally knowing what to expect, I really was surprised by the diverse talent and range of work that great. I hope this won't be my last."
    Michael STRAZNICKAS McGARRYBOWEN Executive Creative Director

  • "I kept texting photos back to creative teams the whole time. Almost every booth gave me ideas. Thank you for the inspiration."
    Bob WINTER VSA PARTNERS Partner, Exec Creative Director

  • "As always I thoroughly enjoyed CONNECTIONS. It was a great way to catch up with people I work with a lot and also met some great new people. Being a juror was a great way to see more awesome new work as well."
    Hannah WOLFERT SYNEOS HEALTH Senior Art Producer

  • "In this business you're always looking for that different, innovative/unique talent. At LE BOOK I found a well curated selection. Made me believe there's a lot of amazing things happening around us and left with a smile."
    Lizette MORAZZANI R/GA Creative Director

  • "CONNECTIONS was a wonderful show. Nice to catch up with old familiar faces and learn about new people pushing the envelope."
    Anne TROUT LEO BURNETT SVP, Executive Producer

  • "Thank you so much for a great event. It was quite an impressive set of work. You guys included a really diverse set of work, a diverse set of categories and brands, and truly diverse channels and formats!"
    Burcu SAHIN BEAM SUNTORY Senior Global Marketing Manager

  • "So much great work!"
    Merrideth KALIL KOHLER CO. Associate Creative Director

  • "I love the intimacy of the Chicago show as well as the venue. Keep on expanding the types of vendors, as it makes it so interesting. CGI, VFX, VR, AR are all a regular part of my work week and its helpful to meet and greet the actual propietors."
    Marsha TRAINER PERISCOPE Executive Producer

  • "An overload of dellicious and thought-provoking imagery and ideas - a real treat every year when CONNECTIONS comes to Chicago."
    Laura JOHNSTON GEOMETRY GLOBAL Executive Creative Director

  • "Amazing to see the work of so many incredibly talented people in one room. The level of innovation and creativity is really exciting to witness."
    Lara HURNEVICH VML Senior Producer

  • "It's hard to believe how far CGI has come. Very interesting to get updated on so many techniques and not to be limited to only those that fit a specific idea."
    Ryan FLEMING MORTON SALT Brand Marketing Director

  • "I enjoyed the event. Great group of talent to meet in one room! Saw a lot of people and believe that I'm going to tap into in the future."
    Kelly DURHAM YOUNG & RUBICAM VP, Director of Integrated Production

  • "I really enjoyed the networking and meeting all the production partners."
    Vincent GERAGHTY OGILVY & MATHER Exec Director of Integrated Production

  • "Great show + work + people + good venue. More dialogue/conversation vs. purely work. Than you for including me."
    Dave EVANS HAVAS WORLDWIDE Head of Content, North America

  • "Great experience, amazing work and networking opportunities. Inspirational and thought provoking. Really enjoyed participating and look forward to future events."
    Kristina KHORRAMINIA AON Director of Creative Services

  • "Great CONNECTIONS in the creative industry, very well put together and stunning creative that was incredibly inspiring."
    Maegin COOPER ULTA BEAUTY Art Director, Photo

  • "CONNECTIONS is a great experience, showcasing amazing talent - an event not to be missed!"

  • "This is my second year attending. It has been an amazing experience, once again!"
    Michael CRAIGHEAD WALTON ISAACSON Associate Creative Director

  • "CONNECTIONS is a terrific diverse assembly of premium talent. LE BOOK is an excellent way to discover the world's best creative talent."
    Daniel ABLAN ANTHEM INC. Creative Director

  • "Stimulating and fun! Great to see the possibilities in the world. A good reminder of what is possible!"
    Francis COYNE WE ARE UNLIMITED Group Strategic Director

  • "Really enjoyed the experience. Very interesting. Especially enjoyed the back stories regarding the projects. Great exposure to extrodinary talent."
    Liz DUNHAM BOSCH Marketing Communications Manager

  • "For as groundbreaking and cool as the work was, I was for more into just talking to the people who work at these great shops about what they think is interesting and how we could actually partner up."
    Josh LOHRIUS OLSON ENGAGE Exec VP, Executive Creative Director

  • "I so enjoyed the show this year. The work i viewed was some of the best i have seen. I only wish I had more time to spend at the show this year. Looking forward to next year."
    Pam WEITZMAN SCHAWK! Senior Producer

  • "I think this is a great opportunity to be in contact with industry professionals. Great way to connect with emerging new talent I might not have thought of otherwise."
    Cory McLEOD FALLON Creative Technologist

  • "Inspiring - creative juices are flowing!"
    Robin SCHALTZ TRUE VALUE CO. Director of Creative Services

  • "Thanks so much for the oppertunity! Lots of great work!"
    Kevin SPARROW BADER RUTTER Art Director

  • "Loved the show. Once again amazing representation of great artists with diverse skill sets. Really can't thank you enough for being considered for the jury. Hope to be again. It's a fabulous way to meet the people repping sometimes the artists too. I am the go to person to pair ideas with artists in every group."
    Erika SNELL ABELSON TAYLOR Assoc. Creative Director

  • "Lovely event full of top tier talent and inspiration"
    Jamie MARTIN BEAM SUNTORY Content Producer

  • "Lovely gathering of work. Thank you for the opportunity to see all these talent in one setting."
    Gayle McCORMICK OGILVY & MATHER Executive Producer

  • "My first experience at CONNECTIONS was very eye-opening and engaging. I know I will be able to draw from the CONNECTIONS I made here for years to come."
    Charisse KENNEDY ULTA BEAUTY Photo Studio Producer

  • "Overall, the show was inspiring! I learned a few new things and am excited to take a closer look at some of the agencies I learned about. I will definately come back next year."
    Marian WILLIAMS O'KEEFE REINHARD & PAUL Creative Director

  • "Overall, Very good experience. Truly beyond words."
    Ciara PANACCHIA THE MARS AGENCY Creative Director

  • "This is a great show with good people and beautifal work."
    Nick ZBOROWSKI THE MARKETING STORE Director, Production Services

  • "What a great experience! It was a pleasure to judge and review such talent. This will definitely extend my seach as a producer, introducing talent I wouldn't have otherwise come across."

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