• The most useful thing to me about LE BOOK is the types of artists that are not germaine to my business because it forces me to rethink how I approach my brand.

    BEAM SUNTORYGlobal Creative Director
  • The creative work was phenomenal.

    Nate PENCE
    KOHL'SVice President, Creative
  • Amazing, year after year. It was great to discover some new digital and post production companies. Valuable discoveries.

    Mark GROSS
    DDBEVP Executive Creative Director
  • CONNECTIONS CHICAGO has great talent. It was very inspiring. Very useful time spent with the team in seeing new potential partners and work.

    Stu COHN
    WILSON SPORTSGlobal Creative Director
  • CONNECTIONS is such a smart and appropriate intersection of art and commerce.

    Josh KAHN
    CHICAGO BULLSSenior Creative Producer
  • I uncovered many new partners and opportunities for upcoming projects.

    Kevin MCELROY
    RAZORFISHVP Creative Director
  • It was a great show with the best creative talents. Very productive use of time.

    Rick GIBSON
    ALLIANZ LIFECreative Director
  • There was an extraordinary range of talented artists and mediums used. I experience a little of everything from CGI, digital, film, social, etc. Inspiring!

    Alex NORMAN
    GTB (FOR FORD)SVP, Head of Strategy
  • My experience today was incredibly inspiring. The conceptual thinking was across-the-board awesome and reinvigorating. It was nice to see the thriving passion that the creators put into their work.

  • It's great to bring the creative industry to Chicago and experience all the beautiful work.

    Elena LIMBERT
    MCDONALD'SCreative Director
  • It was very inspiring! There was awesome work. Video art was my favorite.

    Claudia RENZI
    CRATE & BARRELCreative Director
  • The caliber of talent this year was really amazing and set the bar! Very impressed!

    Michael HAENER
    SHINOLAArt Director
  • CONNECTIONS is always fresh and always full of unexpected inspirations.

    Bernie GOMEZ
    HAVAS WORLDWIDEGroup Creative Director
  • Everything was so well-curated. I don't attend many shows anymore because I'm so busy, but THIS was definitely the one to go to!

    Susan MOROCO
    CVS HEALTHCreative Director
  • I saw top-level talent. CONNECTIONS showcases stimulating creativity.

    Thomas WOLFE
    VSA PARTNERSPartner, Executive Creative Director
  • This is my second time as a member of the jury. I find it to be even better than it was last year. Great discussion and dialogue; very intimate connections.

    DISCOVER CARDCreative Director
  • I saw so much inspiring work. I can't wait to work with all these new contacts.

    MEKANISMCreative Director
  • Powerful! A hotbed of creativity. Well done, LEBOOK.

  • CONNECTIONS was a great venue to meet with agencies on a more personal level and discover some local and emerging talent for all brands in the group. I can't wait for LA!

    Cecelia ZALAZAR
  • It was so nice having that face to face connection. Attending CONNECTIONS is a must!

    Rachael HARDY
    WALGREEN'SCreative Director
  • It was a pleasure to finally put a face to so many names. Immensely inspiring and productive.

    CLAIRE'SCreative Marketing Manager
  • It was great comparing production studios and seeing each process in an intimate setting.

    Sarah TRENT
    VSA PARTNERSCreative Director
  • There was an amazing variety of work in one room. What a fantastic networking event!

    MEKANISMManaging Director
  • CONNECTIONS has great content and amazing image makers.

    Derek SHERMAN
    DIGITASSVP Group Creative Director
  • So much great work to see!

    Martha SWITALSKI
    BADER RUTTERGroup Leader, Art & Broadcast
  • CONNECTIONS has great enthusiastic exhibitors from the west coast to the east coast. What a fun and inspiring way to find new creative partners for GROUPON to work with.

    GROUPONBrand Art Director
  • I automatically have three projects lined up after today. I am going back to work and immediately emailing these new exciting creative contacts.

    Josh BAZE
    EDELMANSVP Digital Planning & Strategy
  • CONNECTIONS CHICAGO showcases some of the best work I've seen in a long time. It makes you stop in your tracks and think about what you can do more creatively.

    Kevin MCGLONE
    LEO BURNETT CHICAGOAssoc. Creative Director
  • I left feeling inspired!

    Colleen KEESEY
    DDBCreative Director
  • As a first timer, CONNECTIONS is such an inspiring event to see all the creative work. I have so many new creatives that I want to work with.

    Elaine GOMEZ
    GROUPONArt Director
  • CONNECTIONS is so refreshing and inspiring. It's hard not to sit down and spend hours looking at all the beautiful work.

    Addemar SIERRALTA
    HAVAS WORLDWIDEAssoc. Creative Director
  • Great venue and I saw a variety of exquisite creatives showcasing the best talent.

    Donna VARICHAK
    LEO BURNETTDirector of Production
  • CONNECTIONS CHICAGO was a laid-back setting and a great way of meeting new people.

    Katie JOYCE
    THOMPSON CHICAGOSr. Sales Manager
  • CONNECTIONS CHICAGO was a great way to meet the best contacts in the production industry.

    Nick DITTER
  • CHICAGO CONNECTIONS was an excellent show - stimulating great conversations!

    Dana DILLON
    KOHL'SProject Coordinator
  • This was my first show, and the work was incredible. I'm coming back next year!

    Leslie STUART
    KOHL'SArt Producer
  • This year was resplendent!

    TEXTBOOKArt Buyer
  • LE BOOK brought together a wide range of inspiring work. I'm looking forward to starting some new relationships!

    Emily MOORE
  • My first show was great, and I enjoyed looking and talking to all the creative exhibitors.

    Casandra PIENTKA
    KOHL'SCreative Services Producer
  • Great curation!

    Richard ROGINISKI
  • It was great to connect with old friends and new friends in this busy creative industry.

  • It was amazing to see such a great collection of creative work. The style and vision of each person is remarkable.

    Abi KELLY
    GEOMTERY GLOBALCreative Director
  • This was an amazing show! The overall quality was stellar.

    Lare ARRA
    SANDBOXVP Executive Creative Director
  • I loved all the work.

    FLUENT 360Assoc. Creative Director
  • What I found most valuable was the introduction to artists that were completely off my radar. Now I know!

    Perry LITTRELL
    BADER RUTTERAssoc. Creative Director
  • The talent represented at LE BOOK CONNECTIONS was off the charts. It's hard not to be completely inspired and optimistic about the future of the creative industry.

    Kevin FRANK
    ARC WORLDWIDEAssoc. Creative Director
  • It was well put together and informative about the current trends in the creative industry.

    Alexander DARROW
    TPNSr. Art Director
  • What a gorgeous venue! Everything was so inspiring.

    Nicole BENSI
    TPNBrand Manager
  • Thumbs up for a great show! I was highly impressed.

    Stephanie AYOOB
    SAPIENTNITROArt Director
  • It was very inspiring!

    Christie RUSSET
    BLUE CHIPCreative
  • It was very insightful being able to see other's work. It gives me inspiration for my own work.

    Darnell WYNN
    BLUE CHIPGraphic Designer
  • Mind blowing! There was so much talent in the room.

    Katherine Rose JARACKI
    BLUE CHIPContent Creator
  • I liked that it was live. I liked seeing real books and speaking to the artists in person. It was a very intimate and personable approach towards networking and meeting new talent. The venue was gorgeous!

    TPNCreative Director
  • It was great seeing all the work!

    Michele HAIDET
    SANDBOXArt Director
  • I enjoyed being with like-minded folks who showed me beautiful work. Everyone was so humble and honest.

    Brady RISH
    OKEEFE REINHARD & PAULProduction Artist
  • It was definitely interesting to see all the vendors and their work.