• “Thank you to all and especially the LE BOOK team. Family, friends and business, what to expect in a great global connection.”Ingo BRACKESCADAHead of Creative Services

  • “Again Berlin. Again LE BOOK. Again, super inspiring. Again amazing CONNECTIONS. Again, creativity rules!”
    Pascal DUVALASOSHead of Creative

  • “It's like coming home. I come to CONNECTIONS to discover new talent.. talk to agencies and look at books which i might not usually look at.. that's the beauty of CONNECTIONS.”
    Donald SCHNEIDERDONALD SCHNEIDER STUDIOCreative Director & Founder

  • “It's AMAZING! Great, high quality work and really nice people! Thanks again for the coordination and the well prepared event!! Impressed! Hope to come back soon!”
    Haoxin JIANGZALANDOGlobal Brand Management

  • “What a nice, busy atmosphere! I met great people! And it's organized lovely!”Eike KONIGHORTFounder & Creative Director

  • “Always amazing to be here. Always amazed by the amount of talented artists”
    Christian WAITZINGERSAPIENT RAZORFISHExecutive Creative Director

  • “LE BOOK CONNECTIONS is a great place to connect with people face to face in a relaxed environment, far away from your computer in real life.”

  • “CONNECTIONS connects me to interesting people, amazing photographers, directors, studios, techniques and trends. Once a year i'm connected to 'NOW' in person.”
    Matthias KREFTPUBLICIS pixelparkExecutive Creative Director

  • “Lovely to be part of this!!! Always inspired. I'm looking forward to next year.”
    Mario LOMBARDOMARIO LOMBARDOCreative Director

  • “Lovely event. It's great to meet and talk to talented artists, directors, photographers and studios face to face.”
    Jakob KRIWATGOOGLE GermanyCreative Lead

  • “100% cool + lovely + charming + interesting people! Thank you”Mark ROTAANTONIHead of TV & Film

  • “My first time at LE BOOK - surprising, exciting, inspiring and a great mixture of different categories... I will definitely come back!”Matthias SCHWOERERESPRITBrand Mktg Manager

  • “For my first time at CONNECTIONS, it's a success! I leave the fair with sparkles in my eyes and lot of brand new ideas in my head! A wonderful creativity and a high quality”
    Alexandre PERALDIBAUME ET MERCIERDesign Product Director

  • “It was a very exciting and inspiring day with lots of talents and creativeness. It was lovely to see agents, art directors and brand managers from all over the world!”

  • “Thank you again for your inspiration! It is always really nice to be with you!”Markus MAHRENCreative Director

  • “This is my first time at LE BOOK and hopefully not the last one. Such a great opportunity to meet people from the industry. I have been making some great CONNECTIONS with photographers and artists which will make my life much easier when it comes to booking new talent. Thank you for inviting me!”Justyna NOWACKAFARFETCHCr. Producer & Bookings Editor

  • “I love that it takes place at Soho House. Thank you for a fantastic LE BOOK”Alice FEJAKOLLE REBBEHead of Art Buying

  • “Thanks for having me at this inspiring day with a lot of input and great ideas. For the next Connections attendance I plan to stay for longer!”Basti LUTZPUMAMktg Manager Lifestyle

  • “Dear team! Wonderful new inspirations and a lot of good new faces. Big thanks again and see you soon.”
    Thorsten RUHNAUESPRITHead of Global Creative

  • “Always so interesting meeting new agencies and connecting again with the ones I know and other creatives. Love it! Thank you to the team of LE BOOK. Thank you very much for having me. And by the way that was the BEST goody bag, thank you!:)”

  • “It's surprising.. surprised by all the artists and their work. Very open and lovely group of creatives! I would love to come back!”Theresa ZERCKOTTOCreative Director

  • “Fantastic show! Inspired by all the creative talent and energy!”
    Xenia DEGERMYKITAGlobal Marketing & PR

  • “Truly one of my most inspiring visits to Berlin! Thank you very much for letting me be part of this formidable institution.”Christian FRITSCHESCHOLZ & FRIENDSExecutive Creative Director

  • “Thanks to the whole LE BOOK team! Great organization! Always a pleasure to take part and meet interesting people!”Valerie OPITZANTONIArt Buyer

  • “Dear all, perfect day as every year! Thanks for the invitation and all the inspirations!”
    Florian PANIERJUNG VON MATTHead of TV & Film

  • “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

  • “A great way to connect in the industry and find inspiration. Thank you for including me!”Toyah SEIGELNIKEBrand Marketing

  • “Inspiring - CONNECTIONS is a great name. I met lots of potential partners as well as being inspired”
    Darren RICHARDSONHAVASEuropean Digital ECD & Dusseldorf CCO

  • “Very inspirational, great offices attending, good to get to know new artists.”Thomas PORWOLDDBUX Creative Director

  • “Thanks for the fantastic day! Such a lovely organization and great work. Thanks for your energy! And the sun! Keep on!”Anja ROSENDAHLROSENDAHL BERLINOwner

  • “I love the connection - It is a big honor to be part of the jury and I love to meet all the agencies + production companies. I'll always come again! Thank you”
    Nick STASCHTHE GARAGECEO &Creative Director

  • “Thank you for the enriching experience, it's great to get to know so many diverse and specialized professionals!”
    Nicolas SANTOSCreative Director

  • “Very inspirational. You will find new perspectives and new surprising creative ideas. Bringing together artists, creatives, agencies, production creates a really special atmosphere. Thanks”Anne Katrin TRYBEKTRACKCreative Director

  • “It's very inspiring. Thank you very much for the invitation and organization of a great day.”
    Oliver REICHWALDDEEPBLUE NETWORKS AGCD & Head of Photography

  • “Fantastic show! great art, great talent, great inspirations. love it!”Fritz SCHUSTERRED BULLETINHead of Photography

  • “We're having a great time. Thank you for bringing us together.”Mirja MAREKLIEBESKINDMarketing Manager

  • “What a treat to be exposed to so much high quality work in one afternoon - a varitable "tour-de-force" of inspiration”
    Jana MEIER-ROBERTSGQArt Director

  • “Great being here, always a great opportunity to meet all these fantastic poeple from all over the world.”
    Kerstin MENDESCHOLZ & FRIENDSHead of Art Buying

  • “Really loving the day, such a nice event! Like a big creative kitchen. So many new contacts. Looking forward to the next one! Love, Dirk”Dirk MEYCKEFREELANCECreative Director

  • “Lovely people, amazing works and a great event. Hope to see you next year!”

  • “I'm having a great day and i'm making many new connections in my synapses. Absolute inspiration!”
    Joern WELLECHEILExecutive Creative Director

  • “Togetherness! Great seeing old friends and new ones! Thanks!”
    Sven HAUSHERRCEE CEE CREATIVEFounder & Creative Director

  • “Very inspiring! I have met a lot of talented forward thinking artists.”Kristopher HEILEMANNBBDO PROXIMITYManaging Director

  • “Such an inspirational day with really good work. Thank you for inviting me!”Marielle HEISSJUNG VON MATT / ALSTERCreative Director

  • “Such a beautiful moment in the most grey city in the world! Full of inspiration, would love to come back.”
    Uwe JAKOBOGILVYExecutive Creative Director

  • “Great Inspiration! Talented people! Thank you for making this such a nice place”Isabel JESTEADTDONKEYSr. Art Director

  • “Thanks a lot, it is marvelous! Especially the talented exhibitors - very inspiring!”Florian KOBLERTASCHENManaging Editor

  • “Great new inspiration! Lots of raw talent I have not seen before! Cheers”Hermann KRUGCFS KRUGFounder

  • “Congrats! I'm spending a great and very inspiring day at Soho House! Perfect and lots to cover! See you soon!”

  • “Very inspiring and people presenting their work personally and (sometimes) passionately really makes a difference. I'm really enjoying it!”Benedikt GOTTERTSERVICEPLAN BERLINMD & Partner

  • “Always amazing to see so much creativity and craftmanship in one spot. And there is always something new you haven't seen before.”Marcel GUENTHELLEO BURNETT-LAEUFERCreative Directoer

  • “Great input and in general super inspiring work!”
    Lena BRANDTNIVEACreative Director

  • “Thank you for the great experience! Perfect opportunity to get inspiration and exchange!”Christiane BROEHRCLOSEDArt Buyer

  • “Thank you as always! I'm really enjoying the presentations and the people. I will for sure come to London in the fall for CONNECTIONS. Look forward to next year!”
    Steven COOKEDENSPIEKERMANNCreative Director & Partner

  • “Great show! I loved seeing innovative ideas like the paper chip idea of Arjowiggins creative papers.”
    Karolin BERNDTKOLLE REBBESr. Art Director

  • “Loved meeting new faces and new talent! Super organized! Great agencies and studios present - inspirational.”
    Kimberly BIANCHIHEYE GMBH MÜNCHENHead of Art Buying

  • “CONNECTIONS in Berlin is a truly inspiring experience bringing together creatives from all over the world and giving them a platform to share amazing pieces of work and connect with each other.”
    Eva TELLMANNMYTHERESATeam Lead Graphic Design & Dgtl Exp.