• It was so inspiring to see a such a wide range of people and companies represented. I really enjoyed revisiting the human connection by meeting people in person instead of over emails or phone. It really does make a difference when you engage in person.

  • CONNECTIONS is like a family of creative opinion makers from around the world. What an impressive event to be part of!

    Ingo BRACK
    Head of Creative | ESCADA
  • The best part is discovering the inspiration behind the image makers. CONNECTIONS opens my eye to new perspectives and creative solutions.

    Guido HEFFELS
  • CONNECTIONS is constantly transitioning. This inspiring event reflects the evolution of the creative world.

    Mehmet ARICI
    Marketing Director | STRELLSON
  • We were introduced to more top agency creatives today at CONNECTIONS than any other event I've attended in the last 15 years. I had such a fantastic time at the event, I'm now left sorting through a massive pile of business cards!!

    Tom BOX
    Founder | BLUE ZOO
  • CONNECTIONS always satisfies the needs of the creative community. It presents a wide range of creative works from production to experiential to digital post-production.

    Bjoern BREMER
    CCO & Partner | M&C SAATCHI BERLIN
  • Congratulations to a successful CONNECTIONS once again.

    Marketing Director | MARC O'POLO
  • Each portfolio, printed or digital, shows the artist and the story behind the work coming to life. Every creative should attend!

    Peter SEMPLE
    Group Team Lead | GOOGLE
  • It was a pleasure to be part of CONNECTIONS. I encountered close friends and business contacts while making valuable new connections.

    Bianca RITCHER
    Communications & Marketing Manager | CONVERSE
  • CONNECTIONS always has inspiring creatives in a great atmosphere. I walked away with a new roster of exciting talents to partner with in the future!

    Alice FEJA
    Head of Art Buying | KOLLE REBBE
  • This was the best Berlin CONNECTIONS so far! We were able to spend quality time - it just gets better and better.

    Molly KARLBERG
  • It was really great to see all the participants and discuss their top quality projects.

    Fritz SCHUSTER
    Head of Photography | RED BULL / THE RED BULLETIN
  • I reconnected with friends from the business while discovering new creatives from all over Europe.

    Oliver DROST
    Chief Creative Officer | DEEPBLUE NETWORKS AG
  • It was so interesting to meet so many great companies and contacts at the same time. The word CONNECTIONS says it all!

    Thomas HEINZ
    Digital Creative Director | ANTONI
  • Many thanks for setting up a great event! The location was fantastic. Creative producers from all around Germany and Europe attended. It was wonderful.

    Celine PARUN
  • I was really impressed - great clients, wonderful location, and relaxed atmosphere. It was a perfect day for us.

  • We really liked attending CONNECTIONS in Berlin. It was successful, nice, and very well organized. We met great clients.

  • CONNECTIONS gives top creatives a chance to connect and review some of Europe’s finest productions and representations. This tradeshow always sets the level for international high-end standards. If you work in this industry, it's crucial to attend.

    Mark KARATAS
    Executive Creative Director | JWT
  • It is a pleasure for me to be part of this prestigious creative community! I met so many great people who I look forward to working with, in the future

    Roya NOROUZI
    Photo Director | GQ GERMANY
  • The last CONNECTIONS I attended was 4 years ago. Today, it is something completely new and had everything from digital, print to production, post-production, VR, and CGI.

    Head of Digital Design | ANTONI
  • Berlin was such a cool event. We got very positive feedback.

    Olivier BILLON
  • It was so useful for me to see the wide range of creatives from different countries represented.

    Head Producer | BEHIND THE SCENES
  • It is a real pleasure! Looking forward to coming to the next event!

    Kerstin MENDE
    Head of Art Buying | SCHOLZ & FRIENDS NEUMARKT
  • The concept of CONNECTIONS is fantastic. It provides a rare opportunity to see so many different works at the same time.

    Carolin OBERMAIER
    Senior Marketing Manager | STRENESSE
  • It was a great show. I really enjoyed it!

    Julia ARENSON
    Head of Creative Production | VCCP
  • I had a great time and saw many amazing projects!

    Anne LEVY
    Strategy & Brand Communications | ANDREAS MURKUDIS
  • Thank you for having us! It was very successful and invaluable to see so many quality people in one place.

    Patsy POWER
  • We had a great busy time! Another successful CONNECTIONS!

    Yvonne MIELKE
  • It was a really successful event and thanks for the phenomenal organization!

    Tina WUNSCH
    747 STUDIOS
  • It is a real pleasure meeting all the creative colleagues in this cozy and cool atmosphere. I was impressed with new and inspiring contacts.

    Tanja BRAUNE
    Founder | BUREAU BRAUNE
  • I loved meeting creative people at Soho House. The whole day was very pleasant.

    Kirsten RENDTEL
    Head of Art Buying | SCHOLZ & FRIENDS
  • Thank you for a nice day full of inspirations and new connections. It is a pleasure to be part of this event!

    Nick STASCH
  • I really enjoyed meeting interesting people in a creative atmosphere.

    Bettina TETENS
    Senior Art Buyer | SAATCHI & SAATCHI
  • It was a great time. I saw a lot of great work and met some new people.

    Creative Director | 
  • Amazing show! CONNECTIONS was very well organized and had a lovely audience.

    Anke KOLBERG
  • We specialize in CGI, VFX, and Post-production. This was our 1st CONNECTIONS, and this show is tailor-made for us. It’s nice to meet people who want exactly what we have to offer.

    Mike Schäfe
    CEO / CD & Sr Digital Artist | STILL IN MOTION