• CONNECTIONS is a beautiful & diverse concentration of talent and inspiration.

    Rémy AVERNA
    Vice President of Global Integrated CommunicationL'OREAL
  • An event rich in content! I'm overjoyed to be CONNECTED!

    Axelle DE BUFEVENT
    Creative Style DirectorPERNOD RICARD
  • Creativity, expertise, and innovation at this conference. I come every year!

    Khoa DODINH
    Global Image DirectorLVMH MOET HENNESSY
  • We rediscovered all the disciplies in one place! In this constantly changing industry, its vital yet uncommon to meet people face-to-face. CONNECTIONS makes it happen!

    Mike O'KEEFE
    Vice President of CreativeSONY MUSIC UK
  • CONNECTIONS was a lovely and enriching experience. Thank you LE BOOK.

    Rosie BARDALES
    Executive Creative DirectorBETC UK
  • I loved everything! The ambiance, the discovery and... the CONNECTIONS. My dose of inspiration! 2 days of total creative immersion.

    Cecile CHOURAQUI
    Advertising & Media DirectorLES GALERIES LAFAYETTE & BHV
  • What a marvelous day, I couldn't believe my eyes! This day condensed an entire year of work. Merci LE BOOK!

  • LE BOOK is always ahead of the trends. A strong selection of refreshing talent!

    Global Executive Produceri-D
  • The right people are here exchanging ideas - an important endeavor especially in these times. Face to face - thanks to LE BOOK!

    Tim STYLES
    Creative StrategistFACEBOOK
  • CONNECTIONS offers us a complete & qualitative overview of everything happening in the world of imagery and digital content! Very useful & inspiring!

    Giulio GAVOTTI
  • How could I pass up this crucial event for the highest level of image-making!

    Isabelle GEX
    Senior Communications AdvisorLVMH
  • A very enriching experience that opens the spirit by giving a selection of unique artists off the beaten path. A panoramic view of the entire international creative scene.

    Natacha DZIKOWSKI
    Executive DirectorTBWA PARIS
  • CONNECTIONS is the opportunity to part from our frantic rythm and see where the challenges and opportunities are.

    Brand & Marketing Director EMEATOMS
  • In recent years our industry has experienced a revolution with an explosion of digital - changing the way we work and collaborate. At this years CONNECTIONS I could feel this evolution and was very impressed with the diverse and inspiring talent and solutions. True creative discoveries. Merci LE BOOK!

    Stephane CHAUCHE
    Head of CreativeIWC
  • Thank you so much for your inspiring CONNECTIONS session!

    Global Communications DirectorPUIG
  • Everyone that needs to be here is here - and more! CONNECTIONS is well-diversified and perfectly representative of the industry!

    Thomas LAGET
    Head of ProductionSID LEE
  • A very complete & qualitative overview of creative solutions!

    Coline CHENIER
    Brand DirectorCHRISTIAN DIOR
  • A great diversity in subjects, meetings, ideas, and achievements make CONNECTIONS a valuable moment to enrich the mind with beautiful imagery.

    Jean Pierre BUSSON
    Creative DirectorFAUCHON
  • CONNECTIONS is an extraordinary opportunity to discover new ways to communicate. Everything that is necessary to recreate a brand experience!

    Thomas GERMOND
    Digital DirectorCANAL +
  • A true pleasure. I will be back!

    Stéphane WARGNIER
    Communications DirectorPETIT BATEAU
  • No one knows where to find solutions anymore - CONNECTIONS helps us to focus and offers a clearer picture of the creative landscape.

    Riccardo RUINI
    Creative DirectorREM RUINI E MARIOTTI
  • It's good to get some fresh air and see what's happening outside of the agency. I never take a day off but for CONNECTIONS, it's worth it! I came with my entire team - CONNECTIONS is essential for all of us!

    Damien BELLON
    Creative DirectorBETC PARIS
  • CONNECTIONS - a 360 degree glimpse at the creative industry!

    Paul GRUBER
    Executive Creative DirectorMAZARINE
  • I met some new talent with whom I will definitely be working with!

    Johan WILDE
    Art Director& OTHER STORIES (H&M)
  • Very interesting opportunity for creative problem solving! Thank you LE BOOK!

    Communications DirectorYVES ROCHER
  • What I really liked was that there were so many more video projects shown this year - a great variety of creative work!

    Emilie URBANSKY
  • I come every year and it's always enjoyable and a great opportunity to make new contacts and meet new collaborators.

    Marion BOURDEE
  • This is my first time; very interesting, such an event is very useful to have direct contact.

    Nicolas PELLET
    Head of VideoCONDE NAST
  • The must-go-to event for creatives! The scope and level of work shown is always so impressive.
    Yet again, I came away inspired and with a huge list of amazing talent for our current and future projects! Can’t wait till the next one.

    Shandor GANCS
    Executive Creative DirectorBSUR
  • A qualitative event where human relations can find its place at the heart of our trade.

    Jean Paul CARDOSO
    Multimedia & Media DirectorsLOUIS VUITTON
  • You can see the evolution of the industry, particularly in digital.

    Raffaella SCIMECA
    Marketing ConsultantLUXOTTICA, TRUSSARDI
  • An exceptional event! Not to miss under any circumstance!

    Olivier JOHNSSON
    Creative DirectorBOURJOIS
  • A very pleasant panel, very positive & productive like every year!

    Melodie HADJADJ
    Digital DirectorKARL LAGERFELD
  • Very pleasant & well organized. A vaulable overview!

    Fatti LALEH
    Managing DirectorBARON&BARON Paris
  • Great opportunity to find everything I need every day in one day, in one place!

    Alessandra MARZANI
    Creative ProducerTOMMY HILFIGER
  • An essential event that you absolutely cannot miss, for me and the entire POLYDOR team!

    Romain CONSTANT
    Head of DigitalPOLYDOR
  • Really good selection. I found the new types of partners that we now need.

    Bao TU NGOC
    Head of DigitalBETC
  • An amazing selection. Extremely creative, enriching and off the beaten path. Particularly interesting collaborators for corporations such as ours.

    Heloise CHEVALLIER
    International Social Media ManagerL'OREAL
  • The CONNECTIONS conference was very interesting - offering a great overview - bringing together companies from TOMS to i-D.

    Marion DAUMAS
    Public RelationsPIERRE HARDY
  • Very impressed by the great variety of work at CONNECTIONS.

    Claudia CASOLTI & Martin McGINN
    Senior Creative ProducersGREY
  • Participants of quality and a very interesting conference.

    Estelle DEMOUZON
    Visual ManagerCARTIER FRANCE
  • Top! Top! Top! I love it! I found so much new talent to work with!

    Anne Marie GAULTIER
    International Marketing DirectorBALLY
  • I love this gathering. CONNECTIONS inspires my work every day. The ideas, the photographs, and now the films and digital content, everything has come full circle!

  • I come every year to discover new talent and to stay up to date with what's happening in communications.

    William STODDART
    Art DirectorMADAME FIGARO
  • A great time spent!

    Laure-Elise TRAN
    Digital & Content Manager
  • CONNECTIONS shows a great diversity of talent and services - which is needed more than ever before.

    Alexis ANTIGNY
    Art BuyerTBWA Paris
  • An inspiring digression into a world of creative craziness.

    Juliette AULAGNON
    Digital DirectorBEAUREGARD
  • Very interesting. Really great networking. The conference offered interesting perspectives on new technologies.

    Silvia BARABINO
    Image DirectorFENDI
  • A great shining moment to view inspiring creative work!

    Valerie BERGERON
    Post Production CoordinatorGREY
  • CONNECTIONS is a full immersion of creativity and ideas, a real burst of energy for the mind.

    Media Marketing ManagerBORBONESE
  • Meeting poeple who you work with and never get the chance to see is always a pleasure. Plus discovering new talent across all media.

    Magali BOUSQUET
    Content ProducerAIR FRANCE MADAME
  • I come to CONNECTIONS every year and it's always enjoyable!

    Anne-Laure BOYER
    Senior Art DirectorHAVAS SPORT
  • Great variety of talent and work - love the vibe.

    Davor BRAKAN
  • Truly amazing to have the opportunity to see such a wide spectrum of creative talents. It's an event not to be missed!

    Patricia BUONANNO
  • Great ambiance. It's very friendly!

  • Fantastic event. Friendly, creative, and innovative. Can't wait for the next one!

    Valery CELY
    Communication DirectorBUT INTERNATIONAL
  • Best of the best! Quality event.

    Pauline CHIUSSO
    Creative DirectorSARENZA
  • An extremely pleasurable setting, and very well organized! Everyone is passionate. We met new people and people we already knew. 360 degree meeting.

    Edouard DELAGE
    Creative DirectorFAMILLE ROYALE
  • Too many good things to say! Everything was great!

    Alice DEVIDAL
    Art Director
  • It is always interesting to have a global vision of new trends and this event is the perfect opportunity to do so.

    Bernadette DUMONT
    Creative DirectorPRISMA MEDIA GROUPE
  • I met people who I have been wanting to meet for a very long time. The ambiance was great. The organization was impeccable.

    Thomas DURIEUX
    Creative DirectorFINLAND DESIGN
  • An extremely interesting event with international work! Super relevant!

    Communication DirectorSARENZA
  • Very valuable & constructive. It gives us many ideas for our business. An event you can't miss.

    Nicolas + Emelire GEORGE + BLANCHET
    Communications & Marketing DirectorAIGLE
  • My first visit, and it was very interesting. Very instructive and useful going forward.

    Celine GIRONDE
  • Perfectly productive! Merci!

    Senior Brand ManagerPERNOD RICARD
  • It was very intresting and I met tons of valuable contacts!

    Elodie JONQUILLE
  • CONNECTIONS is great and super productive. I love coming!

    Aubeny LAMBERT
  • I could stay here for days!

    Alberic LUCIANI
    Creative DirectorKASSIUS
  • At CONNECTIONS, I do my shopping for the entire year!

    Giorgio MARTINOLI
    Creative DirectorAIR FRANCE MADAME
  • The conference was super useful!

    Mickeal MOUGENST
    Head of AmplificationROSAPARK
  • Very useful, we established many contacts.

    Ritta BADOU & Mounya NEJJAR
    Associate DirectorBOUILLON DE CULTURE
  • A calm and relaxed feeling, it's perfect.

    Ineme PAILLER
    Broadcast CoordinatorANATOME
  • The organization, the event itself was really amazing. It was great to see many new talents.

    Katrina PEPICHOVA
    Art ProducerADIDAS
  • A lot of talents and regions represented. An amazing time-saver!

    Agnes POULLE
    Fashion DirectorMADAME FIGARO
  • A super interesting and enriching event especially for meeting future partners. A super event!

    Julie PRAET
  • We left with a number of interesting and passsionate contacts.

    Nashima SELLAM
    Corporate CommunicationsL'OREAL
  • Great choice of participants, very satisfying time.

    Estelle SIMOUNET
    Art DirectorSELECT WORLD
  • An open space - full of inspiration!

    Marion SOURDON
    Creative DirectorWUNDERMAN
  • I discovered quite a few people, especially photographers who I didn't know. It was very good.

    Adelaide THOUY
  • I didn't know about CONNECTIONS and I came out of curiosity. Very interesting and a wide variety of exhibitors.

    Yanis WANG
    Art DirectorYORGO & CO
  • Good information. Great layout. Well organized.

    Tamara ZAS FRIZ
    Head of Special ProjectsMAZARINE DIGITAL
  • It was a really pleasure have being a part of CONNECTIONS. It was an opportunity to find interesting contacts and a really productive experience for our job.

    Communications Dept.BIMBA Y LOLA
  • We had a great time, were well looked after and met some wonderful artists, companies and contacts to work with in the future – what more could you ask for?!

    Sarah WILLIAMS
    Head of Art BuyingM&C SAATCHI
  • Very happy about this and we had a great experience at LE BOOK. Thank you again for making it possible!

    Vera-Maria Glahn GLAHN
    Managing DirectorFIELD
  • An event heading towords the future that I will not miss next year.

    Samuel BATCHO
    Community ManagerHOTWIRE
  • It was super, expecially the conference. Super interesting!

    Chloe DAUDIER & Nadja HOFFMANN
    Communications DirectorSARENZA