REPORT Paris 2015

  • LE BOOK, it is the bible!

    Sophie METZKER
    Chief Marketing Officer | KENZO
  • CONNECTIONS is the link between all of our jobs.

    Sylvain THIRACHE
    Exe. Creative Director | SID LEE
  • CONNECTIONS was a great experience. Thank you for the invite. I look forward to participating in the next ones.

    Andrea ROSSO
    Global Creative Director | DIESEL

  • A place for inspiration and creative diversity. A must for people in the industry.

    Dena BLEVINS
    Global Creative Director | STARBUCKS
  • Thanks for including me in CONNECTIONS. I met many interesting people and saw plenty of inspiring work.

    Creative Director | SWATCH
  • CONNECTIONS is visionary, energetic, futuristic and inspiring.

    Pascal DUVAL
    Creative Director | G STAR
  • It was a great pleasure to participate to CONNECTIONS!

    Anne-Sophie FRENOVE
    Head of Partnerships and Marketing  | AIR BNB
  • Most of the time we are "collecting" instead of "connecting", CONNECTIONS PARIS once again confirmed the importance of taking the time to get back to "real" conversations – offering a vision of the new boundaries in fashion industry communications. Happy to discover that a simple conversation is more important than a thousand texts.

    Creative Director  | LDF Studio
  • Many many thanks for having me at CONNECTIONS. It was a great experiences to meet the other speakers and view all the great creative work.

    Franz DRACK
    Global Marketing Director  | ABSOLUT
  • A great event that allowed us to discover unexpected beauty.

    Jean Baptiste TALBOURDET
    Deputy CD | M, Le magazine du Monde
  • It's a suitcase full of things and gathered in one room.

    Jonathan WINGFIELD
    Editor in Chief | SYSTEM
  • A true incubator of ideas.

    Carla BUZASI
    Global Chief Content Officer | WGSN
  • CONNECTIONS is full of creativity and new talents.

    Khoa DODINH
    Head of Design | LVMH HENNESSY
  • A big thank you to the whole Le Book for hosting a great event in Paris and introducing us to some really interesting people.

    Simon CHAMBERS
    Managing Director | STORM VISION
  • I really loved to see all the emotions in the images presented at CONNECTIONS. A perfect mix of exhibitors and attendees.

    Michele MARIANI
    Creative Director | ARMANDO TESTA
  • I was thrilled to participate in this edition of CONNECTIONS. Many thanks for all!

    Cécile CHOURAQUI
    Director of Adv. & Comm.  | BHV, GALERIES LAFAYETTE
  • A place of true expertise in the digital and image creation fields.

    Mathilde CARPENTIER
    Creative director | ROSAPARK
  • Thank you for the CONNECTIONS experience, which allowed me to view beautiful work and discover a number of exceptional talents.

    Dominique PORTE
    TV Producer & Art Buying Director  | DDB LUXE
  • It was amazing and gave me many new ideas for my campaigns.

    VP, Corp. Store Design & Visual | ESTEE LAUDER
  • A truly immersive experience in the sphere of image creation.

    Digital Director Communications | L'OREAL
  • CONNECTIONS and LE BOOK are essential tools to followup with trends.

    Jean-Pierre BUSSON
    Creative Director | FAUCHON
  • A great place to meet people and to find solutions for your creative needs. "one of a key trends we could see it's that digital affects creativity"

    Daren ELLIS
    Creative Director  | SEE STUDIO
  • An event that broadened my horizons in the industry.

    Olivier CONAN
    Creative director | COANDCO
  • A space that exhibits the best of what the industry has to offer.

    Art Director | GUCCI
  • Thanks to CONNECTIONS we can directly follow the evolution of the industry.

    Aicha FETOUHI
    TV Production | BETC
  • I follow CONNECTIONS around the world. It was, once again, a great success.

    Valerie OPTIZ
  • The conferences were extremely well done and the same goes for the trade show aspect of the event.

    Angelo PALMA
    Creative Director | SOON IN TOKYO
  • CONNECTIONS allows for industry ties to be made and I finally get to put faces to the names of the people I email with.

    Monique TANGUY
  • CONNECTIONS responds to the demands of the image creation industry. It saved me so much time in my search for new talents!

    Florence BERTAY
    Chargée d'édition | ADN et INfluencia
  • Invigorating and current. CONNECTIONS is a place to see beautiful things.

    Kat DE BLOIS
    Creative Director | DISNEYLAND
  • CONNECTIONS was filled with beautiful encounters, the opportunity to view fantastic work, and the chance to listen in on inspiring conversations.. Merci!

    Laurent DAILLOUX
    Producer TV/Digital | GREY
  • We learned a lot about digital. Thank you LE BOOK !

    Diane RICHARD
    Communication Director | AIGLE
  • CONNECTIONS facilite vraiment nos métiers en nous permettant de rencontrer les bonnes personnes dans un lieu à taille humaine.

    Art Buyer | HERMES
  • CONNECTIONS allows for the discovery of new talents.

    Frederique BOISNARD
    Production Manager | AUSTRALIE