• Thanks to CONNECTIONS, I saw work I had never seen before - which I was really excited about.

    Gustaf TORLING
    Global Creative Director | ESTEE LAUDER | ORIGINS
  • It's worth taking off an afternoon to meet great talent. It's very personal, you get the chance to talk to everyone.

    Philippe MEUNIER
    Chief Creative Officer | SID LEE
  • To take that time meeting people and having that face time is invaluable…that’s something you don’t get in any other scenario than CONNECTIONS.

    Katia KUETHE
    Vice President | Creative | ABERCROMBIE & FITCH
  • People are looking for a message, something deeper, a deeper connection to content. LE BOOK offers a valuable overview of all those creative partners who can help create that connection.

    Exec. VP | Sr. Creative Director | LAIRD & PARTNERS
  • Fresh talent is always great. It's so nice to have the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation and be reminded who they're representing and what they're doing. You don't normally get time for stuff like that. It's all about discovery, fresh talent and having real conversations!

    Chief Creative Officer | YARD
  • I've known LE BOOK for about 20 years, and I've come to realize that CONNECTIONS embodies everything we need to do; connect, meet, and be together to work & inspire.

    Angelique KIDJO
    International Artist | 
  • Thank you so much! It was a great experience!

    Matthew WRIGHT
    Global Art Director | LEVI STRAUSS
  • LE BOOK CONNECTIONS is like a one stop shop for Creative. From the famed to the newly found, CONNECTIONS serves as a summit of the world’s global creative talent. I found many new agencies and image-makers that we will immediately start working with. Just as fashion world has Fashion Week, CONNECTIONS is a wonderful destination for anyone in the creative world to discover new talent, gather new ideas, and innovate.

    Drew ELLIOTT
    Chief Creative Officer | PAPER
  • This is one of my favorite networking events of the year. It’s an amazing opportunity to put a face to a name, source new talent, and catch up with old connections. I really value this event and always look forward to attending.

    Vice President | Creative | KENNETH COLE
  • Super useful AND super fun. Discovered some exceptional new talent I would have missed if it wasn’t for CONNECTIONS. Especially impressed with the new generation of film-makers.

    Gabriel EID
    Exec. Creative Director | SELECTNY
  • CONNECTIONS was awesome. I met some great people that I absolutely plan on working with in the future.

    Chief Production Officer | DDB
  • Lovely experience in this awesome location!

    Jina SONG
  • CONNECTIONS was a great experience to view some exceptional talent.

    Gustavo SOUSA
    Creative Director | Partner | MOTHER
  • A variety of great work on show.

    Julian KATZ
    SVP & Group Exec. Producer | BBDO
  • I'm always happy to be at CONNECTIONS. Very inspiring.

    Alexander NOWAK
    Creative Director | DROGA5
  • It's a one-time opportunity to keep in touch with great talent.

    Ebru PINAR
    Global Artistic Director | MAYBELLINE
  • I've attended for the past few years and the location was great. It was good for some of the upcoming jobs that I need to find talent for.

    Vice President | Creative | BLOOMINGDALE'S
  • I loved how the new categories of exhibitors. Well done, LE BOOK.

    Mai NOZOE
    Vice President | Creative | ALICE & OLIVIA
  • A terrific experience. High quality creative, and excited to see immersive & VR work as well. This is a growing area, and very valuable to discover.

    Calvin CHU
    VP Brand DesignSYFY
  • I loved how you had VR comapnies exhibiting this year. It's always nice to see old and new faces as well.

    Jack BECHT
    Creative Director | CONDE NAST
  • Wonderful day at LE BOOK. Great curation and orchestration of the show!

    Allison CERASO
    Managing Director, CCO | HAVAS LIFE NY
  • An inspiring event! It’s so important in our industry to stay connected, and LE BOOK CONNECTIONS is a great way to discover new talent and be inspired by new work.

    Julie LIU
    Group Creative Director | KBS+
  • I love this place - great setting to focus on the work.

    Jodi PECKMAN
    Creative Director | ROLLING STONE
  • We're always looking for new partners and it's nice to have it all in one space. We saw a lot of companies doing interesting stuff. We found great content and much needed production.

    Julie RUIZ
    Vice President | Creative | VH1 BRAND CREATIVE
  • Exceptional talent at LE BOOK.

    Elizabeth BRUNEAU
    Sr. Content Producer | ANOMALY
  • Incredible access to the creative industry.

    Marshall LIN
    Creative Director | FREDERIC FEKKAI
  • It's a very inspiring show, great networking, and discovering new people and talents.

    Creative Director | NR2154
  • Very nice and interesting to see new stuff and at the same time classic imagery.

    Scott CARLSON
  • I appreciate the organization of CONNECTIONS. Our days are usually very chaotic so it is nice to come to an event where we have time to take in great work and everything runs smoothly.

    Sr. Producer | ANTHROPOLOGIE
  • I was impressed with the presentations at CONNECTIONS. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with those I have worked with in the past, and view their current work. I also enjoyed meeting new people and browsing through the various presentations. It is very nice to put a face to the work.

    Karin KAUTZKY
    Sr. Art Director | LA PRAIRIE
  • Visual overload, in a good way. It's great to see a lot of great content.

    Michael HOFFMAN
    Assoc. Creative Director | BOSE
  • I'm always looking for inspiration - CONNECTIONS delivers.

    Mary O'KEEFE
    Assoc. Creative Director | KBS+
  • It was great to see people from different agencies and connect with them. The location is fantastic.

    Yuko INAGAKI
    Design Director | GSW WORLDWIDE
  • Usually when I look at work from the office, it’s one dimensional. CONNECTIONS allowed me to actually meet the people that represent the talent and to get explanations about what the talent is about…it’s very unique.

    Peter PHILLIPS
    Photo Director | AMERICAN AIRLINES
  • Great opportunity to meet new people and sit with them, look at their websites, and talk about future jobs.

    Michelle ARROWOOD
    Creative Director | STEVE MADDEN
  • My co-workers and I from KOHL'S thought LE BOOK was fantastic! The face to face meetings are invaluable for relationship building. This was our first conference in New York and we thought the location was wonderful. We especially enjoyed the Communicating with a Cause discussion and look forward to more engaging speakers in the future.

    Mary DURANSO
    Sr. Producer | KOHL'S PHOTO STUDIO
  • Always inspiring to be at the epicenter of the creative industry! Thank you LE BOOK!

    Sebastien LEON
    Creative Director | FORMAVISION
  • There were a lot of great resources, a great way to connect with the industry.

    Laura UTPHALL
    Art Producer | TARGET
  • What separates CONNECTIONS NYC from any other type of industry experience is that it gives professionals an opportunity to literally CONNECT with people/reps/agencies that they have worked with in the past or create an introduction for future projects. That type of relationship building is essential in this technological environment where people resort to communicating solely via email, social media or text and sometimes a face to face connection can help decide between getting a commission or not.

  • Great opportunity to meet new talents in one place.

    Jessica MANNING
    Sr. Art Producer | MULLEN LOWE GROUP
  • Great showing. Always inspiring. I will come back for sure. I go wherever LE BOOK goes! This year I did LA, SF, and NY. Great time saver!

    Missy RENO
    Photo Editor | NORDSTROM
  • Love the location. Strong diversity of exhibitors. Wish I could have spent even more time!

    Julia MENASSA
    Sr. Art ProducerDROGA5
  • It's amazing! I've seen the best choices from creative agencies! Beautiful spot!

    Rudi UBELHOR
    Deputy Photo Director | RED BULL / THE RED BULLETIN
  • Surprising amount of people and places. It was varied and more 360 rather than just print. A great mix of resources, from print to video.

    Thomas SHIM
    Assoc. Creative Director | SPIKE DDB
  • Overwhelming, in a good way.

    Krista MURDEN
    Marketing Director | WEATHERPROOF
  • The exhibitors' work is very innovative. They offer some of the best talents!

    Caroline VASSILIADES
    Content Producer | DEUTSCH
  • Very helpful! Nice to see all these visual agencies.

    Laura RUSSEL
    Art Producer | HARRY WINSTON
  • It opened my eyes to new creative agencies.

    Michelle ANGELOSANTO
    Art Director | SELECTNY
  • Really great experience and nice to meet new and awesome talents.

    Kelsey REIFLER
    Designer | VOGUE
  • Exciting opportunity to connect with so many creative agencies.

    Jenny TINDERA
    Art Director | AESOP
  • Always great to discover at CONNECTIONS!

    Art Buyer | ANOMALY
  • Really incredible experience to meet different people.

    Ingrid ADAMOW
    Art Producer | ARNOLD WORLDWIDE
  • Every year I come and I see old and new faces, everybody I've worked with over the last fifteen years is here. It's the place to be in June in New York when working in the creative field.

    Sr. Producer | BOSE
  • Interesting people that I already know but also a great way to discover new talent.

    Kristian TRENGEREID
    Art Director | CEFT & COMPANY
  • It's great to see different photographers and even better to see people face to face.

    Lauren AHN
    Art Designer | COSMOPOLITAN
  • Really nice set up and a lot of new people! Inspiring!

    Melissa BETANCUR
    Print Production | DEUTSCH
  • I love it.

    Josh FLEITAS
    Sr. Copywriter | DIGITAS
  • Beautiful inside and outside.

    Creative | DIGITAS
  • Nice atmosphere.Very inspiring.

    Leslie DIEZ
    Assoc. Art Director | DIGITASLBi
  • CONNECTIONS is a great meeting place for creativity, and business.

    Paul KATZ
  • Strong focus on image makerss. The talk was fantastic, inspiring, and very helpful.

    Christine BRINGUEZ
    Design Director | GSW WORLDWIDE
  • Great presentation, the best place I've been to for a show.

    Nicole SCAFIDDI
    Content Producer | HARRY WINSTON
  • It's great networking at CONNECTIONS. Always a pleasure to be here.

    Ewa KARCZ
    Content Producer | JUICY COUTURE
  • Great to see old friends and meet new people.

    Marissa ELLER
    Sr. Producer | MACY'S
  • Flawless event, very informative and a great way to connect.

    Zorayma GUEVARA
    Creative Director | MIAMI AD SCHOOL
  • I see work in virtual reality. That means there's a lot of progress and I enjoyed the variety of agencies.

    Imelda SURIATO
    Creative Director | MILLENIAL+
  • Beautiful environment. I'm happy to be here.

    Beth JARVIS
    Art Producer | NORDSTROM
  • Exciting, interesting, and nice to meet new people and discover new talents.

    Erin HENDRY
    Assoc. Photo Editor | PEOPLE STYLEWATCH
  • Beautiful people showing their works ! Very helpful!

    Arturo GONI
    Assoc. Creative Director | RED FUSE
  • I'm enjoying the place. It's so beautiful and perfect.

    Stephen FRAILEY
  • Very professional, packaging, photography.. Good mix.

    Lisa CARR/ Elaine KIM
    Art Director | SELECTNY
  • Always informative, great creativity taking place.

    Marketing Manager | SHISEIDO
  • Reconnected with some people who I hadn't seen for a while and met new photographers to work with for our future campaigns.

    Katie SHERMAN
    Copywriter | VOGUE
  • It was great! And I saw a lot of good works and found new talents.

    Art Director | WALRUS
  • You can really spend all day talking to these people at CONNECTIONS.

    Art Director | WEATHERPROOF
  • I went to CONNECTIONS last night and it was amazing! We made great contacts and looked at some impressive work!

    Trevor WILLIAMS
    Designer | WOMEN'S HEALTH
  • Great Inspiration and loved seeing new work.

    Kristin GIAMETTA
    Photo Director | XO GROUP
  • I was satisfied with the diversity of exhibitors and it allowed me to put some faces to names and network.

    Robin ELIASSON
    Sr. Art Producer | ROBERTS + LANGER DDB
  • I loved the diversity, quality & location.

    Brenda HUTCHINGS
    Photo Editor | NEW YORK TIMES
  • I liked the open, airy space and that it was located downtown.

    Andie DIEMER
    Assoc. Photo Editor | MARTHA STEWART LIVING
  • All the vendors I visited were awesome and so friendly and informative about their artists. I had a great time this year and really hope to make it back again next year.

    Hannah WOLFERT
    Sr. Art Producer | INVENTIV HEALTH
  • It was good to get everything done at once.

    Arlene PITTERSON
    Director of Special Events | PEOPLE EN ESPANOL
  • I found a lot of the vendors very helpful and knowledgable. Very nice ambiance. Warm and welcoming.

    Leigha FROMM
    PR Coordinator | GUERLAIN
  • Great group of exhibitors!

    Laura GLAS
    Production Manager | QVC
  • A great array of exhibitors – and possibly a project already in the works!

    Ellie SETON
    Marketing & Production | TIFFANY & CO.
  • I met an agent that had been trying to get in touch with someone in our company for years, however everyone she had in her address book no longer worked at the company or had retired. I was the person she needed to get in touch with, and we were able to connect. I hope to use their artists on a couple of upcoming jobs. I think it could be the start of a great relationship.

    Kate MUELLER
    Production Coordinator | KOHLER