REPORT N.Y.C. 2014

  • As always, CONNECTIONS is an inspirational place; where else can you see so much talent in one venue?

    Mark FINA
    Exec. Creative Director | KIDS CREATIVE
  • Truly different from what we see everyday; an inspiring event !

    Chief Creative Officer | FCB
  • CONNECTIONS makes my job really easy. It's wonderful to finally meet everyone in person!

    Philippe MEUNIER
    Chief Creative Officer | SID LEE
  • CONNECTIONS has become an anticipated tradition and a celebration of our industry. A great place to discover talent -- existing or new, it's an opportunity to connect with old friends and even make new ones.

    Klitos TEKLOS
    Partner, Creative Director | AIR PARIS
  • 10 out of 10, LE BOOK! Especially for digital and moving image content-nothing like it!

    Kerry KINNEY
    Chief Creative Officer | KINNEY + KINSELLA
  • CONNECTIONS was a blast! Wonderful to see so many incredible artists under one roof!

    Sasha KOREN
    Global Digital Creative Director | AVON
  • Serving on the jury was unbelievably insightful and inspirational!

    Thaddeus DELONIS
    Photo Producer | HBO
  • So much talented work by brilliant and original artists!

    Eric ENBERG
    Creative Director | ARNOLD
  • CONNECTIONS is always inspirational; it makes me want to explore new creative territories!

    Peggy LEE
    Creative Director | MAYBELLINE NY
  • A great concentration of talent in one place! There is nothing like CONNECTIONS!

    Jakob DASCHEK
    Chief Creative Officer | DAVID YURMAN
  • We found many photographers we want to connect with!

    Nicole MABRY
    Production | NBC UNIVERSAL
  • The most curated selection of quality, creative artists! Exactly what I would expect from LE BOOK.

    Shari GAB
    PR Manager | ABC HOME & CARPET
  • Fantastic to see so much talent under one roof!

    Alex FREUND
    Creative Director | SHOPBOP.COM
  • [CONNECTIONS is] a great source of digital and moving image artists.

    Anthony CHANG
    Digital Director | WIEDEN + KENNEDY
  • Really enjoyed the talks! Great to see so much digital talent in one place.

    Helen LUNG
    Photo Director | PEOPLE
  • The lecture series was so insightful.

    Tescia DEAK
    Art Director | MACYS
  • CONNECTIONS is awesome! Can't wait to come back!

    Jonathan SANTORA
    Creative Director | CARROT CREATIVE
  • A genuinely inspiring event; found lots photographers for future campaigns!

    Lily Francesca ALT
    Photo Director | PARENTS
  • Always good to catch up, and discover lots of new talent-CONNECTIONS is the place to be!

    Rainier GOUBAULT
    Art Producer | WIEDEN + KENNEDY
  • Couldn't be happier to attend! Definitely looking forward to tomorrow--and next year!

    Geoff COOK
    Partner | BASE
  • CONNECTIONS was fantastic this year, with a wonderful and diverse group of talent. Very enlightening!

    Nancy MOREY
    Senior Art Buyer | CRAMER-KRASSELT
  • The event was GREAT! We saw many old friends, made new ones, and most valuable of all saw some impressive work. Looking forward to next year!

    Rainier GOUBAULT
    Art Producer | WIEDEN + KENNEDY
  • I love LE BOOK-what a terrific event! So happy to be here!

    Bridget RUSSO
    Global Marketing Director | SHINOLA
  • Inspiring to see so much groundbreaking digital content!

    Shannon WASHINGTON
    Creative Director | GREY BEAUTY GROUP
  • CONNECTIONS is nothing less than a great time! Enjoyable and informative!

    Keith MORRISON
    Photo Editor | STYLELISTE / AOL
  • All the content I've discovered at CONNECTIONS has been nothing short of incredible!

    Marti GOLON
    Art Director | READER'S DIGEST
  • The perfect space for scoping out new talent and trends.

    Jacqueline HARRIGAN
    VP of Marketing | US POLO
  • Brilliant opportunity to put faces to names and reconnect with all the top agencies.

    Rosaliz JIMINEZ
    Photo Director | PEOPLE STYLE WATCH
  • A wonderful range of talent and so much to look at!

    Spike HIBBERD
    Art Director | RAG & BONE
  • I am always looking for new photographers and creatives to work with; without a doubt, CONNECTIONS is THE place to be.

    Creative  | KIEHLS
  • The lecture series was invaluable, cool, and insightful!

    Creative Team | TWO HUSTLERS
  • CONNECTIONS is the perfect mix of talent and positive vibes!

    James SPENCE
    SVP Creative Director | SYFY
  • CONNECTIONS delved more into the work than I could have anticipated. Thank you LE BOOK!

    Christopher YOHAM
    VP Creative Director | KENNETH COLE
  • An incredible variety of work; absolutely inspiring!

    Anthony YELL
    Exec. Creative Director | MRM
  • Nothing less than a truly broadening experience!

    CCO | KBS+
  • I was exposed to so much new and incredible talent; thank you, LE BOOK!

    Sally KIM
    Assoc. Creative Creative | RALPH LAUREN
  • Congratulations, LE BOOK, you did it ! The show was amazing!

    Stephen FRAILEY
    Editor in Chief | DEAR DAVE
  • I wish I had more time to see all the great talent on display!

    Paul SUTTON
    Integrated Producer | JWT
  • Cannot wait to see you next year! Merci beaucoup, LE BOOK!

    Jina SONG
    Creative Director | ARAMIS
  • Such innovative work, especially in the digital and video fields. It's impossible to find anything like CONNECTIONS!

    Brian FRANKS
  • CONNECTIONS by LE BOOK has always been and continues to be an amazing source of mindblowing talent.

    Jordan BARNES
    Photo Director | SEVENTEEN
  • Such a busy day, catching up with agencies and discovering new artists, but could not be more thrilled!

    Assoc. Creative Creative | AKQA
  • CONNECTIONS is such an amazing event! So much to discover!

    Aaron WALTON
    Partner | WALTON ISAACSO N
  • Always enjoyable and valuable-I look forward to CONNECTIONS every year!

    Lalena LUBA
  • As always, CONNECTIONS delivers an extraordinary variety of work. Exactly what I was looking for!

    Cedric DEVITT
    Chief Creative Officer | MRY
  • CONNECTIONS was filled to the brim with phenomenal talent.

    Julie ROSENOFF
    Manager of Art Production | HAVAS WORLDWIDE
  • Such an honour to be part of the jury; CONNECTIONS is unlike anything else!

    Elizabeth BRUNEAU
    Photo Director | ROLLING STONE
  • Couldn't be more thrilled to be part of the CONNECTIONS crew again!

    Jesse MCMILLIN
    Creative Director | VIRGIN AMERICA
  • A wonderful opportunity to meet everyone and finally put faces to names. Can't wait for next year!

    Art Producer | WIEDEN + KENNEDY
  • I had a blast at CONNECTIONS! It was great to finally meet folks in person and to see so much great work under one roof. Really Inspiring! -Hannah Wolfert/ Art Producer/inVentiv Health

    Hannah WOLFERT
  • No matter how good technology is today, there is nothing that beats engaging with real people. This is what makes CONNECTIONS.

    Meirion PRITCHARD
    Sr Art Director | Lloyd & Co
  • Keep up the good work. The industry needs it.

    James SMITH
    Owner | Smith Design
  • There were so many talented artists, photographers, and film makers at the event with very diverse backgrounds and specialties. It was amazing to see the work of so many talented individuals in one place. CONNECTIONS is truly an inspiration.

    Creative Director, Visual Design  | MERCEDES BENZ USA
  • CONNECTIONS is never the same old. There is always something new, surprising - and that's what creation is about.

    Sylviane LOUZOUN
    Consulting creative director | SELECTNY
  • LE BOOK's CONNECTIONS is like an energy shot for the creative community - I go to meet new talent and speak with studios nationwide all in one place. I always look forward to seeing the work here for my current and future projects.

    Benjamin SCHAFIR
    Co-founder & Co-CEO | L.O.V.E. NEW YORK