• We have a lot of brands we have to portray so it's nice to see the range and new directions we may take. Some of the strongest work was when clients let the artist's personality and interpretation seep thru the work. CONNECTIONS was a great use of my time, with lots of great conversations about different parts of my business.

    Global Creative Director | BEAM SUNTORY
  • CONNECTIONS presented a great diversity of talent, projects and creativity. A valuable experience.

    Brian BENNETT
    Creative Director | CARHARTT
  • CONNECTIONS was great. The venue felt very intimate, and I enjoyed the conversations, viewing the work and learning about the backgrounds and stories of the companies that you wouldn't necessarily know otherwise.

    Mark GROSS
    EVP Executive Creative Director | DDB
  • I really appreciated the range of work & quality of talent showcased at CONNECTIONS. Really impressive and memorable.

    Mindy HOSKIN
    VP Creative | LANE BRYANT
  • I found it really impressive. Chicago should have CONNECTIONS more often. It's an essential event for creatives.

    Fabio SEIDL
    SVP Executive Creative Director | LEO BURNETT
  • Awesome! It was my first CONNECTIONS and the event was beautifully orchestrated and well done. It's great to have upfront face time and the work is so beautiful.

    Creative Director | DISCOVER Card & Finance
  • CONNECTIONS presented a great body of work that showcased innovative artists who are able to shape the face of brands and the way those brands speak to their consumers.

    Roni JACKSON
    VP Experiential Marketing | COMMONGROUND / MGS
  • I love interacting with people who play a role on the creative side, rather than viewing work on a computer screen in my office. CONNECTIONS recharged my creativity and inspired me. It's exciting to see the quality of work and to be exposed to that.

    Bernardo GOMEZ
    Group Creative Director | HAVAS WW
  • What a great idea. A rare opportunity to step out and away from the demands of the office and just focus on discovering new and great creative talent.

    Marcia IACOBUCCI
    SVP Group Creative Director | DDB
  • I reconnected with a lot of people I know and others I had previously worked with but never had the chance to meet in big companies. There was a quality crowd and a lot of good connections to be made. It's a small community and people are a step away from everything. It's refreshing to have a conversation with people who are passionate and you can find a lot of commonality with everyone here. There's plenty of thought provoking ideas for clients and businesses.

  • CONNECTIONS is the single best place to find the top talent from around the world under one roof. It was great seeing old colleagues that I've worked with in the past and meeting new ones. A great source of inspiration - I even have some new ideas for future client work.

    Steve SILVER
    Executive Creative Director | DONER DETROIT
  • CONNECTIONS is a perfect name for the event. The event was like real-time LinkedIn. I connected the dots between people I already knew and connected with a few new folks that I can’t wait to work with.

    Matt DENTEN
    Executive Creative Director | MOMENTUM
  • CONNECTIONS had some of the most exciting and best work I've seen in a while. Valuable, exciting, interesting, thought provoking.

    Alistair ROBERTSON
    SVP Executive Creative Director | ENERGY BBDO
  • It's great discovering so many talents that produce all this beautiful work. Very inspiring.

    Brand Art Director | GROUPON
  • It was a great personal experience meeting face to face with each of the exhibitors. In-person interaction and networking made me more inclined to be involved with them versus just browsing thru their work online. It was great!

    Creative Director | VSA PARTNERS
  • I was very surprised at the range of talent represented. It was a nice mix, definitely a must-go-to event for the creative community.

    William MATZNICK
    SVP Group Creative Director | DIGITASLBI
  • A great experience. I look forward to re-connecting very soon!

    Mark-Anthony MARSHALL
  • A lot of great work. Everyone showed a great range from abstract, it gives the imagination room to roam.

    Sr. Art Director | LANE BRYANT
  • I have attended your events in both NY and Chicago and find them extremely helpful. It allows us the opportunity to meet and review talent with the actually agencies and businesses that we work with during the course of a year. To have the chance to speak face to face and review talent with the agencies and agents is invaluable.

    Sr. Producer | SCHAWK!
  • Since many projects vary in their scope of creative execution, LE BOOK brings together a wonderful variety of talent to discover in a single place, while mingling in a beautiful location.

    Creative Director | COMMONGROUND / MGS
  • The event was cozy and the work was top of the line.

    Susan HATTEN
    Sr. Content Producer | OGILVY & MATHER
  • Best CONNECTIONS CHICAGO event yet! The agencies have really great presentations for their featured artists and it's a time-efficient and condensed way to have a good look. Great inspiration overall.

    Heather FILIPPELLI
    Manager of Creative Services | KOHL'S
  • Great experience. I look forward to staying connected..

    Andy HOLTON
    Creative Strategist | PINTEREST
  • The overall depth of work is impressive and being able to engage in conversations gives you a clearer understanding of their innnovations and unique points of view. Priceless.

    Michelle TUCKER
    Group Creative Director | HAVAS WW
  • I thought the imagery and artistry was thrilling, interesting, engaging... and I look forward to seeing more social creative, mobile, living brand content at the next ones.

    Geoffrey FRANKEL
    SVP Group Creative Director | EDELMAN
  • It was an eclectic range of work, everything from still to motion, personal to commercial, very eye-opening.

    Amanda BUTTS
    VP Creative Director | HAVAS WW
  • Really good showcase - well worth taking some time out of the office to be exposed to great talents.

    Lee REMIAS
    Group Creative Director | MCGARRYBOWEN
  • I got to see work that I don't necessarily see every day. Exciting!

    Ashley ESSELMANN
    Talent Booker | KOHL'S
  • Great to see some familiar faces and new ones. There is something so invigorating about CONNECTIONS and finding new talent.

    Kate MUELLER
    Photo Producer | KOHLER
  • CONNECTIONS allows you to do 10 days of work in one delightful afternoon. As an Integrated Producer, I enjoyed looking at motion, digital and photography resources at the same conference and all under one roof. Very impressive.

    Jennifer BYRNE
  • Very inspiring.

    Brad EUBANKS
    Assoc. Creative Director | TEAM UNILEVER
  • A lot of networking going on with awesome creatives.

    Brenda CORTES
    Production Manager | LEO BURNETT
  • CONNECTIONS was great as always, and the space at VIRGIN was great - warm and cozy!

    Ken ZANE
    Sr. Producer | LEO BURNETT
  • We saw a lot of beautiful works and it was great connecting with people. We even found potential clients to work with on future projects!

    Copywriter | OKRP