• CONNECTIONS is like hyper-lapse, Cliff's notes, and speed reading for the industry. It's the best place to review a ton of great talent you should be working with.

    Jason HARRIS
  • I enjoyed the panel, I found this relevant to my style of work and the talent represented at CONNECTIONS gave me great ideas and inspiration.

    SVP Group Creative Director | DDB WORLDWIDE
  • CONNECTIONS is a great way to discover a wide range of work in a short amount of time.

    Michael SHIRLEY
    SVP Creative Director | FCB CHICAGO
  • Amazing show. The excitement expressed about my work made me even more excited for everyone else's.

    Michael HAENER
    Head of Creative Services | SHINOLA
  • I saw strong talent and a wide variety of work. It was very inspirational.

    Mike FRANK
    SVP Creative Director | RAZORFISH
  • CONNECTIONS was a great representation of world class talent in Chicago!

    Stacy FENSTER
    Creative Services Manager | LEO BURNETT
  • Loved CONNECTIONS! Wish I could have stayed longer. All creatives should attend.

    Myra MAZEI
    VP Creative Director | DRAFTFCB
  • Fun work and lots of sugar! CONNECTIONS is the best place to find new talent!

    Jeremy BACHARACH
    VP Creative Director | DIGITAS
  • It was good to meet with the reps in person rather than over the phone or via e-mail. Seeing the tangible artifacts of the artists were great. CONNECTIONS was a personalized experience and I found it really beneficial.

    Rachel BEEN
    Art Director | GOOGLE
  • LE BOOK offers experiences that are such an important part of our business: human connections. I love having the opportunity to meet the people who represent the work that I admire.

    Martha SWITALSKI
    Broadcast Producer | BADER RUTTER
  • Very inspiring. It was nice to hear from leaders in the industry and to see such strong creative talent represented.

    Creative Director | SEARS HOLDINGS
  • Had a magnificent time. CONNECTIONS is a great opportunity to network with others in the industry.

    Matthew JACOBSON
    VP Creative Director | DIGITAS
  • The panel gave such a great perspective! Having everyone present to network throughout the day was impressive.

    Jerry CRAVEN
    SVP Creative Director | UPSHOT
  • I came, it was great, and it's a must for other creatives to attend!

    Susan HOUSER
    Sr. Photo Producer | NIKE
  • Such a great opportunity to see a vast selection of content creators. What an experience!

    Angie D"ANGELO
    Photo Manager | MCDONALDS
  • Two words: EYE-OPENING!

    Glennon SCHAFFNER
    Sr. Producer | LEO BURNETT
  • CONNECTIONS is great because you get to see a mix of up-and-coming talent as well as distinguished work all in one place.

    Winston CHUENG
    Creative Director | BURRELL
  • The whole day was very well-organized and the quality was great. You wouldn't be at CONNECTIONS if you weren't top-notch.

    Kristin SCHROEDER
    Creative Director | JOCKEY INTERNATIONAL
  • It was great being able to actually meet people in person!

    Karen KIRSCH
    Sr. Art Buyer | CRAMER-KRASSELT
  • There was some great, fresh work presented. It was a nice set-up and a great way to see a lot in a short amount of time!

    Exec. Art Producer | DDB WORLDWIDE
  • We saw things at CONNECTIONS we haven't even seen before. It's great because it gives us ideas!

    Kristina CHRISTENSEN
    Creative Director | HY CONNECT
  • Well-rounded representation of talent. I'm excited to see the continued growth of CGI.

    Melinda WELCH
    Marketing Manager | SEARS HOLDINGS
  • I loved seeing different books and works from people!

    Steven CONWAY
    Strategic Planner | ARC WORLDWIDE
  • It's really helpful to be in a place where you can review everything instead of being behind a laptop. The representatives being at CONNECTIONS means you're able to get answers to those questions you normally wouldn't otherwise.

    Frank LAWLOR
    Global Creative Director | MOTOROLA
  • CONNECTIONS was very well-organized . The quality of exhibitors was top-notch and there was such a diverse mix of artists' work shown!

    Christine BRIDGER
    SVP Creative Services | CURRENT
  • CONNECTIONS presented fabulous work that inspired me!

    Susan SCHMIDT
    Creative Director | NOBLE CHICAGO
  • The exhibitors presented a great representation of still life, fashion and more..

    Susan J OHNSON
    Creative Director | DDB WORLDWIDE
  • Great to see a variety of some of the top American agents. So much great work!

    Lauren DANIELS
    Art Producer | BBH LONDON
  • It was really great! I enjoyed seeing all the diverse photography!

    Helina VORA
    Art Director | DDB WORLDWIDE
  • Interesting dialogue from a great panel. It helped remind us to stay focused on the idea and not the medium, and the exhibitors that followed were even more inspiration.

    Creative Director | HAVAS WORLDWIDE
  • I was excited to find talent I'd like to work with!

    Melissa LENICOL
    Art Buying Manager | CRAMER-KRASSELT
  • There's always something new to look at - at CONNECTIONS.

    Kenneth ZANE
    Producer | LEO BURNETT
  • It was interesting to see each style of art, the event was very detailed and every part was well thought-out. I really enjoyed it all!

    Claudia MIR
    Art Director | SLACK & CO
  • The panel, the presentations, and the opportunity for networking were truly great!

    Jenna HABIG
    Sr. Designer | MATTER CHICAGO
  • CONNECTIONS was full of great work, with some surprising jolts!

    Joerg METZNER
    Design Director | RAND MCNALLY
  • Great show, with a lot of amazing talent!

    Art Director | DDB WORLDWIDE
  • The panel was fantastic! Everything at CONNECTIONS was from the exhibitors to the artists was collectively so informative.

    Melanie TROMBLEY
    Art Buyer | HY CONNECT
  • There's a beautiful variety of different work on display. So authentic.

    Ida MUSONI
    Design Director | HARPO STUDIOS
  • Resplendent and inviting!

    Art Buyer | ABELSON TAYLOR
  • CONNECTIONS presented a wide variety of work that we rarely get to see otherwise.

    Copywriter | DDB WORLDWIDE